Why Valve’s Revelation Of ‘Artifact’ Dismayed ‘Dota’ Fans?

By Gerone Trish , Aug 10, 2017 07:11 AM EDT

Valve Software has just announced its latest game, "Artifact" at The International Dota 2 Championship on Aug. 8. Unfortunately, the fans in the event gave much "boo's" and "aaaawww" after the reveal. Check below what could have dismayed the fans of the franchise.

Before the final match of The International on its second day, the master of ceremonies Sean "Day9" Plott made the announcement of the upcoming game from Valve. The revelation was quite a big surprise to the fans of "Dota" as there were no spoilers that came out about the "Artifact."

Towards the end of the trailer for "Artifact," it only revealed that the upcoming title is a card game for Dota. Afterward, a mix reaction of applause, but with more "aaawww" can be heard. MrMailboss posted a documentation of the crowd's reaction on his YouTube account.

The new card game is not something that the fans were asking for, which explains the negative reactions after the revelation. Apparently, the followers have been looking forward to a new sequel from any of its popular games.

The unpleasant response of the community points to the developer's inability to produce a sequel from any of its franchise, Yongyea has noted. It can be recalled that it has been 10 years since the last "Half Life 2" was launched, where as the "Left 4 Dead" game was released about 8 years ago.

Fans would have been disappointed with the fact that the game developer seems to be focusing on following the CCG trend, instead of providing sequels to their much-loved franchises. The "Artifact" as a card game is not something that the community has been expecting for the longest time.

Meanwhile, the teaser for "Artifact" on the official YouTube channel, PlayArtifact, also reflects the dismay of the fans. The clip earned almost 20,000 dislikes, while the like counter registers only 2,700.

Valve has not revealed any information about the latest game, except that the teaser just shows crystals coming together to form the logo of Valve. It is still too early to judge the quality of the upcoming "Artifact" card game. The developer might still be able to turn around the disappointments of the gamers once they unveil more details of the game.

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