Google Now Supports 119 Different Languages For Voice-To-Text Dictation

Google's speech recognition technology has enabled users to depend on its voice-to-text recognition feature for a long time. The feature has recently got a new update, as Google adds 30 additional languages to it. That brings support to 119 language varieties for users who want to dictate a message to their phone via Voice-To-Text dictation. This service, according to Google, is three times faster than typing.

Google's speech recognition technology can be found in Gboard on Android, Voice Search. Now, people who speak Gujarati or Nepali can simply talk directly to their phone rather than having to type, since the Gboard is set as the phone's default keyboard. Users in the United States can also use Voice-To-Text Dictation dictation to express themselves in emoji.

Google is also honoring the languages across the globe as the speech recognition now supports ancient languages such as Georgian that has an alphabet dated back to the 10th century. Swahili and Amharic are the two most popular languages spoken in Africa, which was listed in the Gboard. The full list of the newly supported languages can be found on Google's official website.

As mentioned earlier, Google included the 30 new language varieties by working with native speakers to collect speech samples. The process trained its machine learning models to understand the sounds and words of the newly added languages and improve their accurateness over time, as reported by The Verge.

All of these newly updated languages will soon be available across other Google apps and products, including the Translate app. The latest update is now available in Cloud Speech API. For accessing this Voice-To-Text dictation, the user has to install Gboard and then pick the language by pressing the G, then selecting the settings wheel. For the voice searching, a Google app user has to pick the desired language in the voice settings menu.

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