[Tips] Here's How To Make a Lego Stop Motion Movie Using Your Andoid Phone

Just in case you are wondering "how on earth do the creators of those Lego movies we've recently seen do what they do?" here's a few tips that can put you in the right perspective. All of the Lego movies you have probably seen rely strongly on the good old stop motion technique!

[Stop Motion Tips] Here's How To Make a Lego Stop Motion Movie Using Your Andoid Phone
(Photo : Screenshot From TrashCanFilms YouTube Channel)
[Stop Motion Tips] Here's How To Make a Lego Stop Motion Movie Using Your Andoid Phone

This may seem like quite a complicated concept but it is actually not that hard to do once you've done a few things to prepare for your movie! Let's say you're bored out of your brains and you've got your old sets of Lego lying somewhere around the house, why not try making your own stop motion Lego movie with the use of your Android phone?

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First, what on earth is stop motion? Stop motion is the process of taking pictures one by one and compiling them into a movie, you may move certain elements of your movie frame by frame as you slowly by surely direct every single piece element in your movie.

Here's how to make a lego stop motion movie:

Make sure the lighting is right

In order to properly capture the whole movie (since you are relying on step by step motion), you may want to invest in good lighting. Good light makes a difference and if you are able to put the elements of your movie in a professionally lit setting, the outcome would be so much better!

The use of mini LEDs could be a great advantage since they can be placed nearer to your subjects compared to those big lights which are hard to adjust. Take note, you are dealing with a miniature set which means that you would also have to have miniature equipment for the details as well. When it comes to the big lights, you won't have a hard time finding something around your house that can do the trick.

Pick the right app

One of the best apps to use for you to be able make a professional-looking movie on Android would be the Stop Motion Studio app which helps save you from the hardships of having to manually stitch everything together. All you have to do now is open the app, take a photo, move the characters of your movie just a tiny little bit, and repeat the process until you've finished your movie!

This is a good application to use that will help you not only save time, but compile your pictures smoothly without the need for heavy editing.

Remember to be patient

Last but not the least, you should always remember to be patient. Most independent stop motion videos and movies take a while to make and sometimes they can even amount to years in production! Imagine the amount of hours you would have to render.

Do not put your spirits down, this is the importance of good story telling since making a movie with Lego should still be about the story. Even without a long story, the Lego itself adds an interesting layer to your own stop motion movie. Those tips above are how to make a Lego stop motion movie on your Android phone.

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