Blood and Saliva of Coronavirus Survivors Are Being Sold On The Dark Web Under The $1000 Price Tag

A dark web market known as the Own Show hosts an ad by a vendor who has been previously infected by the coronavirus and is now selling their own blood and saliva after being healed! This idea came from the theory that people could become immune to this virus when the blood plasmas of coronavirus survivors are administered to their bodies.

Blood and Saliva of Coronavirus Survivors Are Being Sold On The Dark Web Under The $1000 Price Tag
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Blood and Saliva of Coronavirus Survivors Are Being Sold On The Dark Web Under The $1000 Price Tag

The theory that blood plasmas could serve as a vaccine have been monopolized by this scammer who is now selling blood and saliva of coronavirus survivors claiming "I do this to provide for my family financially." The post is currently under the $1,000 price tag which is a steep price for somebody's blood and saliva

The dark web post

This hoax post is actually part of a huge surge in other COVID-19-related scams that are circulating the internet and also the dark web markets where criminals are seeking to exploit the general public's fear by offering certain products that could allegedly work as a coronavirus test, cure, or even vaccine!

Other items which are also being sold include those rapid COVID-19 test kits, certain temperature detectors, and even a purported coronavirus vaccine! This has been a huge concern worldwide as the surge of fake ailments for this virus has been circulating on different platforms like the unexpected YouTube!

According to a report from the global intelligence firm known as IntSights which was published on Tuesday morning, "The limited availability of coronavirus testing - especially in countries like the United States - leads to demand for such products in black markets." Which continued to say that "In all likelihood, however, these 'products' are in no way real, and buyers would be scammed out of their money."

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The surge of cybercrime during the coronavirus

Cybercriminals, scammers, hackers, and even some state-sponsored groups are currently taking full advantage of this global pandemic in order to gain a foothold inside the secure government networks in order to trick people into handling over money, purchasing fake items, and even disclosing personal information!

Criminals are now reportedly capitalizing on the word "corona" or "covid" in order to trick those browsers into thinking that they are actually official domains. InSights has reported that the data it has gathered show that there has been a great rise in the amount of domains that have been registered using these certain names.

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In the year 2019, there were only 190 domains that were previously registered using the word "corona" and "covid" but in January of 2020, the number has surged massively into 1,400. During February, the number has increased yet again to 5,000 and now during March, the number has topped 38,000!

Although a portion of these sites are actually legitimate, there are still many others being used by certain criminals in order to lure those unsuspecting victims to hand over their precious personal information or even their money! Some Ransomware groups are now even using coronavirus in order to try and fore people into paying money just to unlock their computers!

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