Apple Employee Laughs At Customer For Buying a New MacBook Air for $1,800: Here's Why

Apple Employee Laughs At Customer For Buying a New MacBook Air: Here's Why
Apple Employee Laughs At Customer For Buying a New MacBook Air: Here's Why Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website

A recent customer by the name of Chris Matyszczyk from Technically Incorrect of Zdnet has just recently narrated a story wherein he attempts to buy a new MacBook Air but is then met with laughter by the Apple Employee himself!

How the story went down

Chris has just recently ordered the new MacBook Air Which costs about $1800 and was reported by Chris as an impulse buy since he has not yet seen the product. Chris has a habit of talking to the store employee for their view first and was met with laughter.

Chris contacted an employee name "Fergal" (not real name) who responded to his inquiries with "HAHAHAHAHAHA" asking if he really did buy a subpar laptop even without getting the keyboard replaced in which Chris replied "I know, I know."

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According to the Apple employee, the new Air is a "good machine" continuing to ask Chris, "But you spent how much?" Chris replied in defense saying that he wanted something with more memory as well as storage and that he hopes that this new mac would last him a long time.

The employee then told him that the MacBook Air probably will but then continued to tell Chris, "But you know we're just going to come out with something new next year that'll make this Air look really, really old, right?"

The Apple employee then asked Chris as to why not just get a new iPad Pro instead continuing by saying at least there's something actually new about it. Chris then defended his choice by saying that he still does not believe it to be the "best writing instrument" for him.

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Chris narrates that the typing on the new Air was quite odd at first and that it took a while to get used to it reporting that the typing was sure, letters weren't sticking, the space bar worked perfectly, and the battery life was much better! Chris also reported that the lightness of the new MacBook made it much easier to carry

According to Gergal, "We love customers like you," he said. "You're always going to buy Apple because you're always going to buy Apple. All we've got to do is help you pick Apple this or Apple that."

Chris's journey to the new MacBook was

Chris had previously spilled a whole glass of milk on his last MacBook Air's keyboard saying that it was a "terrible, horrible, disgraceful keyboard." And after doing everything, the cursor was then stuck to the screen and the keyboard did not work at all.

After two hours, Chris went back to the machine and it finally started working! Everything except the space bar that is.

Chris' new MacBook experience

After getting the new Air, Chris immediately transferred his data into the new MacBook Air putting the old one in the cupboard. After the end of the first day, Chris then proceeded to put his (Beats) headphones on and lo and behold, the Bluetooth did not work! Chris has not yet told the Apple store employee about this.

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