[Game Hack] Here's How to Defeat Darkside and Rufus Shinra in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Chapter 17

[Game Hack] Here's How to Defeat Darkside and Rufus Shinra in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Chapter 17
[Game Hack] Here's How to Defeat Darkside and Rufus Shinra in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Chapter 17 Photo : Screenshot From IGN Official YouTube Channel

If you have finally gotten the opportunity to check out Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you probably know how awesome this game actually is! Now that everyone is urged to stay at home due to the coronavirus, turning to videogames has been one of the best ways to pass time while keeping people entertained.

Final Fantasy 7 remake was a game which players have been waiting quite a long time for since the previously well-celebrated Final Fantasy 7 original game which garnered massive success and set many gamers on the hunt for more.

If you want to learn how to defeat Darkside and Rufus Shinra in Final Fantasy 7 remake, you've come to the right place!

Rufus Shinra and Darkside

For those who have not yet played the original Final Fantasy 7 game, YES. RUFUS SHINRA WILL CHALLENGE YOU! The Shinra President will later on challenge you within the game on the very roof of the Shinra building at the end of Chapter 17.

Rufus tries to unleash his dog Darkstar on you, so technically you are actually fighting two on one. In order to achieve this, keep interacting with Darkstar when the war finally begins. In order to beat Darkstar and Rufus Shinra, there are a few steps to follow.

The first thing to keep in mind is to use the Punisher counter against the Whirlwhip in order for you to quickly kill the hound. This then puts pressure on Darkstar which allows you to take a few hits inside! Wait, do not forget to watch out for attacks by Rufus since he will be collaborating with Darkstar.

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You can actually start out on Rufus once you have taken care of Darkstar and although he can counter most of your attacks, he still has one major weakness which you should always watch out for, when Darkstar reloads his eapon!

You have to then stop each one of his assaults on Weapons Akimbo and dodge his very own Bright Lights before you will be able to find the opening. Once it reloads, you will see a large red sign above Rufus' ear which should be an indication that you should attack!

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Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 is now here

Fans have been waiting almost endlessly for Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 remake and now that the game is finally here, players have to be able to pass every single level in order to see how this remake gives even more color to the previous Final Fantasy 7.

Most scenes are an exact remake of the original one brought to high-definition as well as painted meticulously with detail while others are extremely different. As for the gameplay, a few things have changed making this game a little more complicated compared to the original game.

Here's how to defeat Rufus Shinra as well as Darkstar. If you still have problems defeating both of them, you might want to check up on your stats, items, and abilities.

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