[WARNING ] Android's Latest Update May Cause System Failure:Multiple Smartphones Have Already Reported Problems

[WARNING] Android's Latest Update May Cause System Failure: Multiple Smartphones Have Already Reported Problems
[WARNING] Android's Latest Update May Cause System Failure: Multiple Smartphones Have Already Reported Problems Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website

Android users from around the world are being warned about an official update that can possibly brick their phones making them unable to make or even receive calls or even open any app. Android is currently one of the most popular operating system on the planet with over 2.5 billion active devices which is already a third of the world's population.

The ongoing risk

With popularity comes quite the attention even from some bad actors. Because of this, Android users are now in danger from certain threats to their devices. Most of the times, these warnings are just security alerts, such as the most recent warning about the "unkillable" Android malware that was found on an unofficial app marketplace.

Now that Android users have been put on alert about an official update from the manufacturer itself that supposedly turn devices into expensive paperweights. Just the past month, Samsung has already been rolling out the all new Android 10 updates to a huge number of devices.

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Three weeks ago, the Samsung Galaxy phones even received the Android 10 update as well as the new One UI 2.0 patch on the very same day. However, Samsung fans need to be aware of a particular download that is getting rolled out.

The Android 10 update has already been rolled out to the Samsung Galaxy A70 and the phone is already experiencing major issues that bricks it and also stops it from booting. A post by SamMobile suggests that the problem is actually a hardware issue and causes the device to perceive that the battery is not charged which causes it to stop booting.

The reports on this update

According to this report, only one way exists for this problem to be fixed and that is to take an affected A70 unit to a nearby Samsung service center which is the most inconvenient thing to do at this time. Most of the existing reports about the bricked A70 phones come around from Netherlands. It is still unsure how far the problem has spread.

SamMobile has written that he recommends the Galaxy A70 owners running the Android 9.0 Pie to not install the update to Android 10 before any further detail has been announced.

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Security experts at the Kaspersky Lab have already issued the warning about the malware they have found on a "cleaner" program that was housed on an unofficial app marketplace. Once the app has been installed, the app then disappears and can't be found on the home screen or even the program menu.

According to Igor Golovin, the Android malware is actually "extremely dangerous" and is capable of accessing all the other app data once it is installed. The security expert then expressed how the malware is even able to reinstall itself even after deletion.

Golovin has also explained that "The programme com.diag.patches.vm8u, installed in the system partition, reinstalls xHelper and other malware at the first opportunity."

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