[VIRAL VIDEO] Blind Dog Plays Dead Trying to Convince Owner Not to Go Home During Lockdown!

Adorable Trends on Social Media: Blind Dog Plays Dead Trying to Convince Owner Not to Go Home During Lockdown!
Adorable Trends on Social Media: Blind Dog Plays Dead Trying to Convince Owner Not to Go Home During Lockdown! Photo : Screenshot From Caters Clips YouTube Page

A certain video started to make its way onto social media of an adorable dog who thought that one walk a day was not enough. The dog is seen trying to creatively play dead in order to prolong his one walk and stay outside for as long as possible instead of going home.

The dog named Blue has not really been too happy with his limited exercise time during the coronavirus lockdown and tries to play dead in order to avoid going home after his usual daily walk in Austin, Texas. Despite the blind being attached, Blue somehow realizes that his owner, 28 year old Cady McNerney, is heading home and the mischievous two-year-old dog decides to lie down on the floor as still as possible and tries to play dead.

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The cute dog Blue

The owner Cady has said that ever since Blue was a little pup, he has always protested going home by throwing his whole body on the ground and playing dead. The video actually shows a collage of many different instances in which Blue is hilariously and also rather impressively lies still on the ground.

Cady tries to call him and even pulls on his lead in an attempt to get him to come home but every single time, Blue still refuses. In one clip, Blue is seen on his own back with his paw sprawled open in one of the most perfect play-dead postures he could ever pull and in another one, he even lies on his side with his eyes closed!

Eventually, Blue cannot say no to the temptation of treats which Cady later on offers him in return for going home causing him to reluctantly get up.


Blue the blind dog

Cady said that Blue was born blind and that he even used to spend quite a lot of time at a certain doggy daycare. She pointed out that the isolation has now made him miss interacting with other humans and also other dogs.

Cady has also said that whenever she drops his lead, throws his poop bags, or even just gets the mail, Blue tries to take every single opportunity to try and escape isolation. According to Cady, "He always ends up at the neighborhood dog park he has memorized how to get there by himself."

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Cady has then posted the video of Blue on her social media account and it has now been shared all over. If dogs could talk, most of them would rather express how they do not want to go home yet and spend more time outdoors.

Since Blue can't complain, he decides to come up with a cute little scheme of playing dead in order to prolong his time outdoors. Blue also looks like he thinks he is doing so well trying to convince his owner that he is dead.

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