Halo Warthog in Real Life? A New Armored Truck Is Said to Come to Life In Preparation for the Apocalypse!

Halo Warthog in Real Life? A New Armored Truck Is Said to Come to Life In Preparation for the Apocalypse!
Halo Warthog in Real Life? A New Armored Truck Is Said to Come to Life In Preparation for the Apocalypse! Photo : Screenshot From Milen Ivanov YouTube Channel

Remember the Cybertruck? Nice, right? Now forget everything you know about it! A new post-apocalyptic armored truck is on its way to soldier through until the end of the world!

According to an article by The Hopinion, people have slowly started to show how things have tipped over and what happens when people fend for themselves. The article suggests that it may not be so farfetched from reality that the need for these amazing vehicles in order to commute would come sometime in the future.

The upcoming armored truck looks sort of like something you would see in a video game. This is because of its uncanny resemblance with Halo's warthog!

The armored truck of the future

This certain vehicle is actually built for any type of terrain which include low oxygen environments and even heavy incoming fires that the prototype will endure. This prototype was first rendered by one of the most promising up and coming 3D artists by the name of Milen Ivanov who is currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Although no specifications about the armored truck has been given regarding the engine type or even its features, a trailer has been released that suggests this is the final product. The rendering has been done in a fabulous way to showcase the ultra-modern design of this coming armored truck.

The video has been able to capture the imagination of other onlookers and has also been stirring conversation with internet communities that are just a diehard fan of futuristic vehicles! This vehicle looks more than just a regular armored truck but rather a massive futuristic vehicle that just came out of a sci-fi game!


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The brains behind the idea

The main idea for this armored truck SUV was a fusion of both Rezvani Tank and also a Lamborghini Urus and upon development, the truck was designed in such a way that even the military could use this huge vehicle in certain combat battlefields.

This truck is a blend of the sleek architecture as well as brute force capability, for the ultimate safety of whatever precious objects that are being transported. The truck also seems to borrow a few design cues from a certain truck called the warthog which was used in the video game Halo which has been toying around with military science in a fictional media franchise.

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As to whether or not this actual design will please the entire industry is yet to be seen, but a company that is looking to build the ultimate urban assault vehicle that can be used for military purposes or even armored truck enthusiasts has a great blueprint that is already ready.

The act of turning pixel into reality is not necessarily considered a new phenomenon but with the ongoing financial crisis, the question remains as to whether or not the auto manufacturer will be able to build an actual prototype of this thing in the future.

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