A New Survival Game Called Stranded Deep is Now Out on PS4 and Xbox One for the Price of $20: Is the Game Worth It?

A New Survival Game Called Stranded Deep is Now Out on PS4 and Xbox One for the Price of $20: Is the Game Worth It?
A New Survival Game Called Stranded Deep is Now Out on PS4 and Xbox One for the Price of $20: Is the Game Worth It? Photo : Screenshot From GameEdged YouTube Channel

With the global pandemic on the rise and people being urged to stay at home and only leave the house unless absolutely necessary, most people have finally turned to video games as a way to pass the time. A certain video game has just emerged that actually emulates an outdoor adventure and could possibly be a way to have an adventure at the comforts of your own home!

The game is called Stranded Deep and what PS4 and Xbox One gamers want to know is "is the game worth it?" and if there is also a multiplayer mode to make things a little less lonely along the way. Besides, what's an adventure if you do it alone?

Stranded Deep

While everybody is being forced to stay indoors with almost nothing to do, a good news for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players has arrived! A new survival game called Stranded Deep has just dropped and this could be the ultimate solution for boredom!

For those people who aren't aware, the game called Stranded Deep has already been previously available on the Personal Computer or PC for a while during the early access for mat. It is a type of survival game where the player is supposed to brave the ocean that is full of sharks along with gigantic squids that even make the Kraken itself look like a kitten in Sea of Thieves, and along with its title, you must be able to survive on an island that has its popular beasts!

You can actually purchase this game right now on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one if you're trying to escape the boredom of staying at home and missing out on another adventure. This game has a thrilling but lite tone to it which results to an interesting and entertaining outcome.


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The current game being sold

Right now, the price for the game Standard Deep on the PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox One is more or less surrounding $20 depending on which one you buy and maybe even what merchant are you buying from. The game is currently available from either the PSN or even the Microsoft Store but it really depends on your console of choice.

There has not yet been any confirmation as to whether or not the game has a multiplayer feature that can allow players to play with one another but that feature would be a really good edition if ever it should come in the future.

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Most of the game revolves on trying to survive the beautiful but challenging surroundings of your character which should give you something to do and something to look forward to especially during this time that a pandemic has cancelled most of the planned trips outside.

Instead of trying to go on an adventure and breaking social distancing, why not check out the game and have an adventure at home?

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