Akasa's New Turing FX Fanless Retails at $130 and is Designed for the Intel 10th Generation NUC 10 Mini PC: Is It Worth the Purchase?

By Urian , Apr 22, 2020 12:01 AM EDT
Akasa's New Turing FX Fanless Retails at $130 and is Designed for the Intel 10th Generation NUC 10 Mini PC: Is It Worth the Purchase? (Photo : Screenshot From akasa_tech Official YouTube Channel)

Okay so let's say that you've been able to upgrade your 10th Generation NUC mini PC, what comes next? One thing most people miss out when it comes to building a mini PC is that they focus too much on the specs that they forget about how to keep the hardware intact.

Although the specs are important, it should not make you forget about the case itself which is meant to host your computer. Without a sturdy and reliable case, your computer might just fall apart anyway if you put all of your hardware inside a case that can barely handle it.

The Alaska Turing FX

If you've made up your mind and realized that you need a mini PC case, why not get a little more than you asked for? The new Turing FX from Akasa has been able to create an awesome case with a passive cool function for your Intel 10th Generation NUC mini PC. This new compact fanless case was engineered in a way that your mini PC gets to cool even without the need of heavy hardware.

The internal M.2 SSD heatsink actually reduces the total heat and even enhances the performance making your mini PC run really silent and perfect for either home or office environments. This eliminates the nuisance of having really loud fans especially when you do not have a headset attached.

The mini PC case comes in a really minimalistic sleek design with "symmetrical extruded fins with classically inspired panels" according to Akasa. This is a work of art and should be treated as such. The good things about mini PCs is that they are a bit more powerful than most usual laptops and can also be considered portable.

An advantage of a mini PC is the amount of space you generally save when setting up your working station or the amount of space it takes for you to create a designated spot for your computer. With a mini PC, you won't have to worry about your hardware being all over the place.

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Following features

The features of the new compact fanless case fort the Intel 10th Generation NUC mini PCs are the following:

Positioned vertically or horizontally

An audiophile's delight - makes a nice music server

Aluminium fanless cooling design

Internal M.2 SSD heatsink
Stylish cover panels with diamond effect

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The bad news is that the worldwide availability of this product has not yet been put to light which means that those looking forward to this product might have to wait a little longer to see if this product would be available in your area.

The known price for this upcoming mini PC case is about $130 according to Akasa's official webstie. So far these are the only known specifications regarding the upcoming Turing FX fanless case by Akasa which is designed for the Intel 10th Generation NUC mini PCs.

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