Iran Launches First Military Satellite into Space: Could this Point to Missile Development?

First Military Satellite to be Launched into Space by Unexpected Country: Could this Point to Missile Development?
First Military Satellite to be Launched into Space by Unexpected Country: Could this Point to Missile Development? Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website

According to Iran's own paramilitary Revolutionary Guard on Wednesday, the country had just launched a certain military satellite into orbit despite several months of previous failures. There was still no immediate independent confirmation pertaining to the official launch of this satellite, which the Guard had called "Noor", or light.

On its own official website, the Guard had mentioned that the satellite had successfully reached a particular orbit of 264 miles way above the Earth's surface. The Guard had even called it the "first military satellite" to have ever been launched in Tehran.

The satellite's launch

The two-stage process of the satellite launch started off from Iran's Central Desert, according to the Guard, without further elaborating or saying when this exact launch took place. The paramilitary force has been saying that they have used a Ghased, or "Messenger", satellite carrier in order to put the device way into space, this is a previously unheard-of system.

Iran has already suffered numerous failed satellite launches in the past months. The most recent satellite launch failure was back in February, when the country was unable to put its Zafar 1 communications satellite out into orbit. There was also a separate fire that happened at the Imam Khomeini Space Center back in February 2019 that resulted in three dead researchers, according to authorities that time.

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Another incident was a rocket explosion that happened in August that drew quite a lot of attention from countries all around the world as this sight was blatantly visible for all.

Iran has long declared that it does not want any part in nuclear weapons, previously maintained its satellite launches as well as rocket tests do not have any existing military component. The Guard launching its very own satellite now puts hits statement into question according to an article by SCMP.

Were there any violations?

Tehran has also noted that there were no existing UN resolution violations on its own ballistic missile programs as it was only "called upon" Iran not to start conducting such tests. Some western missile experts have started to question the contention that Iran's programs could indeed have a dual use for possible nuclear weapons.

Over the previous decade, Iran has already sent several short-live satellites way into orbit and back in 2013, Iran was even able to launch a monkey into space! Although the intensions of Iran's new military satellite launch are unclear, it is still pretty impressive that they were able to successfully pull off the launch after multiple failures.

Iran has already had a few attempts on sending a military satellite into space but none of them have prevailed until now. Iran has given a huge amount of attention on launching their military satellite and what makes it even more impressive is that they were able to successfully launch despite the ongoing pandemic.

Iran is not exempted from the ongoing pandemic but despite the situation, they have still somehow managed to launch a military satellite into space!

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