Discord Facing Server Connection Issues Across US and Europe: Is there Any Fix Yet?

Server Connection Issues, Login Problems, Message Sending Fails, Lags, and etc.: Discord is Causing Problems
Server Connection Issues, Login Problems, Message Sending Fails, Lags, and etc.: Discord is Causing Problems Photo : Screenshot From Ian Corzine YouTube Channel

While most people were staying at home doing their regular routine like playing video games or other different tasks, most gamers have been experiencing a problematic connection with discord. If you've been one of them and have tried to contact discord yourself, you won't be met with that satisfying reply.

What happened to discord?

According to a gathering of latest reports from certain gamers, the Discord servers are currently down and messages are also not being shared online! This could pose a huge problem for gamers since these are the exact reasons why they use discord in the first place.

People have reported that the problem started sometime around 3am on April 23, and this was a report given by thousands of users all with similar complaints. The collection of reports did not just circulate a single place but several countries in fact.

The issues have been reported not just in the United States but also in Europe with one of the users even adding that as they were watching a livestream, Discord suddenly crashed and that their friends from New York and New Jersey were experiencing the exact same issue.

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Another report had added that Discord being down was suddenly "screwing with my laptop" which then resulted in the person who complained saying that that person is very unhappy and it also seems very hard to quit the app.

A particular independent outage monitor called the Down Detector has currently registered a huge surge of Discord down reports. This is the final confirmation that a huge chunk of Discord users have been experiencing the same problem and it is not their units that have been problematic.

Out of all those affected, there were 90% of them have reported experiencing connection issues with the Discord server also while others are currently having login problems. The reports of issues have been piling up.

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The verdict of the problem

It is still generally unclear as to what actually happened behind the current situation that seemed to have caused a huge outage leaving many gamers and other Discord users in dismay and disappointed.

Although this may seem like bad news to most people in the affected area, it seems like the whole world is not affected by the Discord problem. Only the United States and Europe have reported major problems but it seems like the rest of the world is okay.

According to an article by Express, this faulty problem could be fixed as early as tonight which is a great sign for gamers and other Discord users but in the meanwhile, there is nothing else that can be done.

Now that everyone's staying at home, it's pretty important that online applications and tools are up since these applications like Discord are the ones keeping people entertained in this time of the pandemic.

It would definitely be hard to function if something as simple as Discord would be down. Imagine what would happen if other applications were down as well!

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