Ex-Developer from Sony Says that the Xbox Series X is much Better than the PS5: Teraflops Comparison

Ex-Developer from Sony Says that the Xbox Series X is much Better than the PS5: Teraflops Comparison
Ex-Developer from Sony Says that the Xbox Series X is much Better than the PS5: Teraflops Comparison Photo : Screenshot From ZONEofTECH Official YouTube Channel

An ex-developer of Sony PlayStation has recently praised the Xbox Series X by Microsoft saying that the console's extra power could easily dominate Sony's PS5. The former employee said that due to the Xbox Series X's higher compute power, the PS5 would definitely take a hit.

There has been a long existing battle between the PlayStation and the Xbox which has divided gamers for years and now with the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X, gamers will have to once again pick their champion.

What makes the Xbox Series X so powerful?

The Xbox Series X is said to have 12 teraflops of massive computing power while the PS5 on the other hand will only have 10.3, this alone could be the make a massive difference but there are still additional factors.

The PS5 is said to be using an SSD or solid-state storage running at 5.5GB/s, while its competitor, the Xbox Series X, will only be able to run on 2.5GB/s which is only half of that. This means that loading games and other game assets will be much quicker on the PS5.

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The battle between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X still continues as the former developer Chris Grannell reveals why he thinks the Xbox Series X would dominate the console wars this year. Chris Grannell is known for his work with Horizon: Zero Dawn studio Guerrilla Games and also working for WipEout games.

Chris Grannel says that the mere compute power alone of the Xbox Series X can be enough for it to win the console wars. According to Grannell, the PS5 is not bad as a console and is still an absolute beast when it comes to the hardware, but the hardware is still slower on multiple paths than what the Xbox Series X can do.

Other sentiment on both consoles

Halo's very own co-creator known as Marcus Lehto actually praised the PS5's SSD, despite having developed a game series that has already been locked in as an Xbox exclusive. Marcus said that the PS5 would open up a whole new possibility for even more expansive content that will be able to stream much faster.

Marcus then expressed how Players won't have to wait that long anymore for load screens and won't even have to hide behind certain cinematics. Marcus then told VGC that this new usage of the SSD will just help make things run much more seamless and more fluid for the players improving their console experience.

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The upcoming PS5

Although both of the consoles are scheduled to launch at the end of the year, it seems like the PS5 has already gathered quite the attention with its DualSense controller which fans have been geeking out for.

Only time will be able to determine who wins the battle of the best consoles this year. Will it be the PlayStation 5 or will it be the Xbox Series X?

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