Super Mario 64 PC Port Releases But It's Not On An Emulator! And Other Nintendo Games You Can Play On Your Computer

Nintendo's Super Mario 64 PC Port
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Nintendo's Super Mario 64 is a classic among its selection of clubhouse games, with Mario himself being the most popular character in their lineup. A user by the name of 'Unreal' has recently released a PC port of the Mario series game, but it's a full game instead of being an emulated rendition of the classical masterpiece.

The release comes as a surprise to gamers as there wasn't any announcement or warning by the creator. He made it as a fully functional 4K version of the original game and is powered by DirectX 12.

A smooth rendition

A 12-minute video of the gameplay was uploaded by Unreal, showcasing the smoothness of the port. The version of the game he released is not emulated and features built-in controller support with the capability of using analog sticks for camera control.

Unlike other emulated games of Nintendo titles, this one came without any notice and can be challenging to find even for experienced users as even most Reddit posts won't reveal the links.

A Reddit user by the name of Jadentheman has shared his approval of the game, stating that it was done right, as the port captured the original game perfectly.

Unreal released the full game with all levels instead of just putting out one level at a time and was uploaded over the weekend with little to no advertisement. The discreet method is a way to prevent Nintendo from hunting down the port and removing it to give users a more significant window to download and play the game.

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Other titles worth noting

There have been a lot of NES games emulated on PC over the years, and gamers have been more than welcoming of the titles.

Some of the best games to use an emulator with is the Pokemon franchise, as it is easily as popular as Mario with its flagship monster Pikachu. The pocket monsters series has been a mainstay for the company since its release for the Gameboy and just got better since.

The Pokemon line of games has been one of Nintendo's best selling games and up to this day is still receiving updated titles and new mechanics to keep things fresh and innovative.

Nintendo is well known for its role-playing games and adventure titles, and one of its most beloved RPGs is The Legend of Zelda and its extreme environment and breathtakingly beautiful stories.

Most of these games are available for emulators on the PC and would be a great addition to any gamer's lineup whenever they want to revisit the past and relive the classic times.

Some other games that are worth mentioning are the Persona series with its unique and daring gameplay mechanics, as well as the Cooking Mama titles that give kids a little something to start cooking with that they can enjoy.

There are emulators for the historic Gamecube and Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as the portable Gameboy and DS series of handhelds. Newer emulators also allow you to play 3DS games on your computer for even better titles that run smoothly. Whatever your preference is, Nintendo games are one of the top choices, especially when it comes to the depth of the storylines.

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