Redeem These Legends Of Runeterra Codes And Gain Access To Powerful Decks That Will Prove To Be Allies In Battle

Legends of Runeterra
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Riot Games' Legends of Runeterra has recently finished its beta testing and has given players 120 brand-new cards to utilize in their strategic deck building along with a mobile version of the game.

The new expansion 'The Rising Tides' brought with it Bilgewater and the amazing nautical-themed world, including new champions, to go with it. The addition gives players access to a whole new range of deck possibilities and gameplay strategies.

The card fighting game has started to form its meta, and specific deck builds have begun to reveal their advantages.

Mighty card collections

Below are some free codes you can redeem for decks that range from cheap and affordable to the more powerful meta-centered colossus.

The first one on the list is a deck built for the lest-fortunate, meaning it wouldn't cost you a lot of arcane dust to utilize.

The Noxian aggro consists of low-cost damage minions and magic spells that strike quickly to seize the victory in a short amount of time. Going into Piltover's Boomcrew Rookie from the use of Legion Saboteur will obliterate your opponent with minimal effort.

The name of the game is brute force, and this deck delivers power unlike any other deck out there.


If your taste for battle doesn't come from the frontlines, however, then you might fancy something a little different, Riot Games, as part of Runeterra's launch, are giving away several champions and cards that will help newer players get some ground and start building more durable decks.

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Get two Ashe champion cards if you log in to the game for seven days consecutively. The Frostbite Control features a card draw engine and some powerful minions that will support you by giving buffs to the board.


A big chance of pace

If you're not worried about the cost and want to pummel your opponent into oblivion, then the Miss Fortune/Quinn deck is the right one for the job. With powerful cards like the Scouts who are absurdly powerful right now by allowing you to attack two times in one turn, you're sure to bring the battle to your favor.

Another significant advantage of the deck is Miss Fortune's ability to clear the board, giving your opponent an immensely tricky time gaining back their momentum.


One more deck to add to the list is the Lee Sin centered collection. This deck plays around control and taking the time to whittle down your opponent little by little with strategic combinations and using Lee Sin's dragon kick to close out the game. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of this deck that newer players shy away from and you'll have an easy time winning matches.


Not just limited to these decks, others may pique your interest, and they surely aren't anything to underestimate when you face off against them. Some decks to look into including Heimerdinger, Ezreal, Nautilus, and plenty of others that can strike down your foe as long as you know what you're doing.

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