Persona 5 Royal Guide: How To Make All The Money You Need

Persona 5 Royal
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Persona 5 Royal has recently been released to the West, and fans of the series immediately began to explore the game's world and mechanics.

Like most RPGs, Atlus' Persona 5 Royal has the player going through a grueling storyline filled with fantastic writing while battling enemies and monsters that will try to stop you with all their might.

The best way to make sure you trump over your foes, however, is to have high-level Personas that can take a beating and dish out severe punishment themselves. This route, though, would require you to use up a lot of cash in the creation process, which may sometimes be challenging to come by.

If you thought that the fastest way to earn money in Persona 5 Royal was to finish jobs or grind out enemies endlessly, then you're in for a surprising bit of information. The one considered the best way to earn money in the game is an exploit on one specific enemy.

Many players have tried and tested the exploit and have come to agreements that farming money with it is a mindless endeavor, although it is advantageous. Prepare yourself for a long and arduous process of grinding out massive cash.

A 'confusing' process

The process can be done very early in the game to get you some quick bucks, but after May 7 is where the method truly shines, literally. This timeframe is when you'll be able to unlock the "Beware the Clingy Ex-boyfriend!" side quest.

The less than welcoming title of a quest pits you against a Mementos boss fight that doesn't require anything and isn't particularly tricky even at a low level.

The main reason this such an excellent way to get money is with a mechanic that the boss is susceptible to, which is the Confusion status that can come from skills like Pulinpa. Only a few bosses can be afflicted with Confusion, and the Mementos is the earliest boss that provides this opportunity.

The status itself can be used by Personas like Onmoraki, an onion-headed companion, and powering it up to at least level 15 where it gets Confuse Boost to powerup its Pulinpa skill. The Onmoraki is also the easiest and lowest type of Persona that comes with the skill combo, which makes it vital as an early level money making method.

To understand how the whole process works, we'll break it down step-by-step. First of all, the basics are that the Confusion status in Persona games works distinctly compared to other conditions by making foes run in circles while throwing away items and money.

The whole effect will last for three turns from the turn it was cast. So the way you do it is by using the Pulinpa skill and defending for the next two turns. Afterward, you cast the ability again to repeat the process of a boss going around without attacking anyone. Once your enemy gets tired, though, it will run away with its tail between its legs, if it had a tail at all.

This mechanic is the reason why the Mementos boss is the perfect monster to use it on because bosses will never escape an encounter no matter how long or how many times you cast the skill.

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There's a way to make it better?

It's challenging to think that such a simple strategy could provide the best cash return in the game, but it's also quite perplexing that there's a way to maximize how you go about it as well. You can ramp down the difficulty back to easy is one most would realize on their own, but Fusion is another excellent way.

You can transform your Onmoraki into anything you'd like, so long as you maintain its abilities Pulinpa and Confuse Boost. This process is done to get a Persona with as high Luck as possible to boost the amount of money you get.

The more powerful Personas naturally have a higher Luck stat, but there's a way to cheat this in the fusion confirmation screen. By going out and going back in, you will randomize the stat bonuses every time you pop back in, which lets you choose the amount of Luck that you're satisfied with.

One tip for this is looking out for a result that focuses the stat boosts to only two or three stats, including Luck, to maximize the number that each one is increased by.

The most crucial piece of information, however, is taking a stroll over to Tae Takemi since she sells items. At level five Confidant, the selection will include the "SP Adhesive" equipment that will regenerate SP every turn while it is equipped, even on turns that you use to defend.

All these together enables you to continuously and endlessly put the boss in a neverending state of self-bewilderment and 'confusion' that will suck away at its treasures and probably, your sanity as well.

Time only helps to accrue money faster, as higher leveled bosses spit out more cash, while higher leveled Personas suck out more money. A bonus is upon reaching level 7 Confidant, which rewards you with the ability to get the most potent SP Adhesive item for even more guarantee of endless insanity.

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