[Video] Reunited At Last: Dog Joyfully Greets Owner's Girlfriend After 56 Days Apart As Italy Lifts Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Threat

Jessica and Aly enjoying the sun
Photo : Instagram / Jessica Cristofolini

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, most of the world's government has opted to implement social distancing guidelines and lockdown measures to impede the spread of the virus.

As one of the most viciously-stricken places, Italy has been battling the disease with enthusiasm, and as they've started to lift the quarantine, families and loved ones are beginning to be able to meet together with their special people.

Good news amid the pandemic

This has been the case for one Jessica Cristofolini, a 24-year-old from Mezzocorona was finally able to pay a visit to her boyfriend, Fabrizio Bottamedi along with his 8-year-old dog Aly.

Aly has an endearing relationship with Jessica, and the canine can be seen ecstatic to be reunited with her friend finally.

Jessica came in through the gates wearing a face mask and was met with Aly jumping for joy and attempting to kiss her before she was able to remove her face mask. Jessica then reciprocated her feelings by giving her rubs and hugs.

The lockdown on the country started on March 10 when they moved into Phase 2 of their counteroffensive against the deadly virus.

The easing of restrictions states that bars and restaurants can once again provide takeaway service and building sites are allowed to resume operations.

Citizens were allowed to travel and visit relatives but with the restriction of within the same region that they live in.

The previously empty streets have started to regain their usual spirit as Monday marked the beginning of the revitalizing of the European streets as several people visit St. Mark's Square and local traders swarmed the piazza.

The government required the use of masks as people began to use trains and platforms once again to travel between areas.

The country's government also urged local officials to be responsible that social distancing guidelines on public transports are adequately enforced in their territories.

Trains and platforms have been redesigned with designated spots that passengers stand on to maintain a relatively safe distance while practising social distancing.

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Parks have also re-opened, and people can be seen jogging and exercising but are still required to maintain at least three feet of distance from other people as the guidelines state.

Bouncing back from an all-time low

Italy turned out to be the worst country to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic for a time. The country is now at a total confirmed case count of over 200,000 people with a staggering death toll of nearly 30,000.

In March, Europe was hit with fears of food shortage as citizens start panic buying groceries and other necessities. The local government urged and advised the people to stay calm and be assured that there is enough food to supply the nation as the outbreak of the disease continues.

At its peak, Europe accounted for 80% of all new cases of the coronavirus pandemic as it was considered to be the epicentre of the virus spread. The majority of the infection came from Italy, Spain, France, and Germany, all of which raised the number of cases of the country sky-high.

With its continuous fight, however, Italy was able to slow the outbreak somehow and has since been able to ease its lockdown protocols this Monday which has resulted in some people being able to be together with their families once again finally.

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