Rumors Say GTA V is Free via PC and Epic Games: Here's How to Download it

It has just been confirmed that Rockstar Games is going to hand out the Grand Theft Auto V for free! Due to the absence of any existing update by the company regarding the GTA V's sequel, most gamers have started to go back to Los Santos just to get a quick GTA fix.

The whole point of living and breathing in the fictional city Rockstar city makes the Grand Theft Auto really successful. The open-world game gives RPG a modern twist compared to the popular fictional world Role-Playing Games.

If you missed out on the fun that GTA V had to offer, no worries, the game will actually be made free to download!

The free download

Game Pressure recently stated that GTA V will become both free to download and free to play and keep on May 14 via both PC and Epic Games Store. Although Rockstar themselves have not yet confirmed this matter, there is already heavy existing evidence online that could point towards this possibility.

Although this is still just a rumor, Game Pressure actually claims that the information comes from a "well-informed source." the rumor says that the free download will only be until May 21. The download includes the Premium Online Edition of GTA V and this means that you'll be able to check out the "complete story experience" along with playing the esteemed Grand Theft Auto Online.

The freebie is said to include Doomsday Heist, Smuggler's Run, Gunrunning, Bikers and much more.

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How to download GTA V

In order to download Rockstar Games' GTA V, you'll first have to wait until the official announcement or until May 14 to validate the authenticity of this announcement. At the end of the day, this could actually be just a hoax so you still want to make sure that you get the right information.

Once you've validated and confirmed the free download, check out the system requirements and make sure that you have sufficient space on your computer for this game. If you are using an older and not updated PC, you'll probably have a hard time playing the GTA V. Also, if your computer is already full of games, you might want to clear some to make room for Rockstar Games' new addition.

Lastly, when you've validated the rumor and have cleared up enough space for the game, go over to Epic Games Store and simply search Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V. This should take you right to the game and once you've found it, simply download the game for free.

Of course, you would still have to have an Epic Games Store account in order to make the download possible. If you do not have one yet, just make one. It's simple and it's free. Once you have an account, you'll have no more existing problems downloading the GTA V.

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