Fallout 76 Hack: How to Get Double XP for PC, Xbox and PS4 Now that It's Free?

It seems like the post-apocalyptic world can be played even before the apocalypse. Fallout 76 has announced that it will be made free to play on every single platform from May 14 all the way to May 18. That's right, PC, Xbox, and PS4 included! Anyone can now hop onto their gaming console and survive the realm after the apocalypse.

The recent Wastelanders update actually adds NPCs in order to revamp the main storyline. This in turn also increases the dialogue choices and even helps out the reputation system. Although it is still a bit too late for some people to understand the gravity of the game, you can check out the previous Fallout games to make sense of what is going on.

The game has lost many good and bad people and this is understandable due to the post-apocalyptic area that the player is navigating through. This is also a massive addition given the game's history as well.

Double XP

You probably thought this article was going to go on and on without teaching you how to get double XP right? Well, you're wrong. As part of an extra incentive, Bethesda Software seems to be giving out double XP for everyone playing the game.

Availing the double XP is as simple as joining in and killing monsters but wait. Don't think that the double XP points make you stronger, you will still have the same amount of damage and will take the same amount of damage so don't go berserk trying to squeeze every last bit of XP out there.

Fallout 76 hasn't really given out many bonuses in the past which is why every single drop of XP counts this time. Before going out on a wild XP hunt, make sure to stack up first. Although yes, having double XP will accelerate your boost, you may want to watch your resources for long farming hours if that is your original plan.

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Fallout 76 offered for free

With the game offered for free, those who haven't tried it out might want to take advantage of the free download and the double XP. Avid players understand the frustration circulating the harsh conditions of leveling up and trying to boost their XP gains.

Now, not only will new players be able to play the game for free, but they will also be able to rise through the ranks and level up faster than usual allowing them to advance through the storyline faster than how previous players used to advance.

With an influx of new players, the game will definitely be more fun for everyone with this post-apocalyptic game. The game will be made available for PC, PS4, and Xbox all together so it's really up to you to choose the console you think would best fit the post-apocalyptic setting.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the horror.

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