Deadpool 3: Rob Liefeld Reveals that Marvel Could be "Dragging" the Sequel After Almost Losing Tom Holland's Spiderman to Sony

Deadpool 3 could be in the works, but it seems like someone is not particularly happy about this. According to a video on YouTube by Looper, here is an existing mix of both anticipation and impatience for Marvel and Disney to confirm what their plans are for a possible continuation of the Deadpool film series, but it seems like co-creator Rob Liefeld is not that enthusiastic about the next film.

During an appearance at's Talking Shop, this famous comic artist did not express much enthusiasm for another film. Even Liefeld tried to double down in a separate interview he had with Inverse, saying that he is being realistic regarding the future of both movies Deadpool 3 and also the anticipated X-Force film. The artist said that they have already "set sail."

Is there Going to be a Deadpool 3 by Marvel?

Rob Liefeld has expressed that he thinks that Marvel is dragging its feet with the whole Deadpool movies after both of the films came out with only two years apart, resulting in a speedy turnaround for this massive big-budget superhero film sequel.

The co-creator also said that if ever Marvel decided to make Deadpool 3, it will still not be released until four years later. Liefeld said that he thinks that Marvel is not thinking about the Deadpool franchise at this moment.

Although it was not stated as to whether or not Rob Liefeld has current insider information, the co-creator suggests that Deadpool fans rewatch and enjoy the first two movies just like him. He has also expressed that he is not particularly impressed with the MCU mastermind known as Kevin Feige at the particular moment.

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Rob Liefeld Throws Shade on Marvel

The superstar comic artist then threw shade at Marvel on the conclusion to Phase 3 and its existing plan for Phase 4 during his interview with Inverse. He even cited that the Black Widow prequel, which still does not present any real suspense, has also been given a prequel.

Liefeld also reveals that Tom Holland, the current actor for Spider Man, had a brief exit from the whole MCU right after his contract disputes with the previous Sony Pictures due to the evidence of Marvel's shortcomings. Liefeld even said that "they almost lose Tom Holland to Sony."

The R-rated Deadpool is quite the distance from the usual kid-friendly Marvel shows since the movie shows a foul-mouth, suggestive, and evenly purposefully over-the-top violent in a humorous way like seen in the movie.

It is still quite unthinkable that, along with Marvel Studios, Disney would let Deadpool property be moldered on to the shelf indefinitely. Both of Fox's first two Deadpool movies were a huge success even compared to the other movies in the X-Men franchise.

Stay tuned for more Deadpool 3 news and updates!

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