Steam's Spring Cleaning Event 2020 Helps Gamers Save Money for the Very First Time in History!

Steam is known to indirectly dust off cash from you here and there but for the first time in history, it seems like Steam is doing something else. Unlike most of its other events in the past, the upcoming latest event on Steam is not actually trying to push you to buy new games that you might not even play. Instead, the new event actually wants to help you get rid of clutter along with highlighting two very different recent additions.

The whole new Spring Cleaning event actually introduces Dewey to your very own Steam client. This is a new little librarian that basically helps you make the right choices by suggesting games within your own library that you might actually want to tick off of your long backlog. 

You will also get new access to different challenges that are directly tied to the games suggested. This should let you work towards specific event badges that you could actually display on your own profile.

Steam Spring Cleaning event 2020 

The event is also said to push two very unique features that are recently introduced to steam. The first one is the Play Next which works by randomly serving you a certain game in your own library that approximately matches or at least has great similarities to what you've already been playing.

The other feature is known as the Remote Play Together which has already been around for quite some time but has not yet gotten the sufficient attention it deserves. This network allows players to play those traditional couch co-op games along with friends with just the use of the internet. This is the perfect way to keep in touch during the COVID-19 lockdown that is currently happening around.

The new Spring Cleaning event is now starting and runs all the way until May 28, ending at about 10 AM PT. All participants need to do in order to be part of this event is to simply log in to their Steam account and start cracking on all of those guilty sale purchases that have been gathering dust after quite a while.

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Buying Games at Steam

Steam has been a great way to buy games for a while now and after the previous popularity of Garena started to fade, this platform became the next big thing. The platform is also said to ruin a lot of physical game businesses since the whole platform makes purchasing games much easier and cheaper compared to going to a CD or game store.

The whole idea of the platform is to give you an easier and more convenient way of sourcing out the games that you want to play. Back in the day, people had to check for the availability of certain games or have those games shipped over but with the growing power of the internet, Steam became gamers' ultimate shopping center.

Stay tuned for more Steam's Spring Cleaning Event 2020 news and updates! 

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