SpaceX, NASA's Historic Rocket Launch to the ISS Threatened by Disruptive Weather Delay

History is said to be made this very week at a place called Cape Canaveral over at Florida, as SpaceX will launch astronauts into outer space for the very first time. Not only will this be the very first time that a privately owned company will be sending out astronauts into space, but it will also be marked as the very first time that astronauts have actually launched from the United States after nearly a decade.

As the anticipation starts to build up surrounding Wednesday afternoon's launch, the storm clouds along with weather threatening to delay the actual launch as a certain tropical disturbance churns quite near the Florida coast.

SpaceX has already become a household name in these recent years after the company started launching rocket after rocket. After actually blasting off and sending its very own payload into orbit, the company also attempts to perform a certain controlled landing of the very first stage of their own Falcon 9 rocket. The rocket is reusable for the future which helps NASA drastically reduce total costs.

SpaceX to the ISS

There have been many missions conducted by SpaceX to deliver supplies all the way to the International Space Station or otherwise known as the ISS or to also loft satellites back into orbit around the earth.

Although familiarity with the trip, this will be the first time that SpaceX will send an actual human being all the way into space.

According to SpaceX, the Demo-2 is the final major test for SpaceX's human spaceflight system to actually be certified by NASA for the new operational crew missions both to and from the esteemed International Space Station. The launch is already scheduled for 4:33 PM EDT this Wednesday.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions, there will only be a limited audience to witness the historical launch and among the audience is both President Donald Trump and even Vice President Mike Pence.

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The weather problem

Despite the solid plans for the launch, it seems like the weather is not cooperating. Disruptive weather is actually expected this Wednesday as a certain tropical disturbance is churning around Florida's eastern coast.

According to sources like the 45th Weather Squadron and even the group of meteorologists at the Air Force who is known for issuing weather forecasts for the new NASA's Kennedy Space Center, there is only a chance of 40% that the weather will cooperate for the launch to happen on the afternoon of Wednesday.

If ever the mission really does happen to be delayed, it is said that the very next launch opportunity will still be on May 30, Saturday, at exactly 3:22 PM EDT. For now, there has not yet been any confirmation as to whether or not the launch will take place on either Wednesday or Saturday.

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