Vlogger Essentials: Why do You Need the Sony ZV-1? [Review]

The Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera is built just for vloggers. The word vlog is a blending of two words: video and blog. By definition, a vlog is a video in which a person videotapes himself/herself talking about his/her life or a relevant subject.  In this day and age, vlogging has been a creative activity done by people all around the world at any time of the day.

When getting into vlogging, according to VloggerPro, a vlogger must have five of these essential pieces of equipment for their vlogging purposes. These are microphones, good lighting, editing softwares, cameras, and a backpack to fit all of them in. A good camera is a vlogger's best friend. Without it, the vlogs one makes will not be videotaped and there will be no chance for the vlogger to upload his/her vlogs.

VloggerGear created a list of the best cameras used in vlogging for both amateur and professional vloggers. The list consisted of a wide variety of different kinds of cameras. A few of the cameras listed are the Canon G7X (digital camera), the GoPro Hero 4 Silver (action camera), and the Canon 70D (DSLR).


How Sony ZV-1 Solves vlogging problems

A common problem vloggers face when filming is that they are not able to see how their vlogs are being videotaped. Vloggers usually point the camera lens on them but the LCD screen in which a person can see what the camera lens is capturing or videotaping is on the other side. Global electronics company Sony Corporation has just released its newest digital camera to help this specific issue of vloggers everywhere: the Sony ZV-1.

The global company has observed the market and saw that a big chunk of people purchase digital cameras. It was discovered that these people buy these standard cameras because of their interest in vlogging. The Sony ZV-1 appeals most to vloggers because of Sony's intent to create cameras specifically for content creation. 

One of its best features that will greatly appeal to vloggers is its LCD screen. The LCD screen of the Sony ZV-1 can be flipped horizontally, allowing vloggers to see the LCD screen in any angle they use to film their vlogs. Moreover, the Sony ZV-1 is quite compact and lightweight. The camera only has a length of 60mm and a width of 105.5mm wide. It also has a thickness of 43.5mm.

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Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera

Sony also focused on the photo and video quality the Sony ZV-1 takes. The Sony ZV-1 is made for capturing and filming people. Thus, Sony configured the quality of the pictures/videos to make the skin tones of people look natural.

In addition to this, the audio of the Sony ZV-1 was also given notice. The microphone in the Sony ZV-1 consists of three capsules. This three-capsule microphone is ideal for vloggers who rely on talking to the camera when recording their voice. Another feature that the Sony ZV-1 has is its control grip. The Sony ZV-1 has a detachable control grip in which vloggers have the choice to use or not use depending on their vlogging style.

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