Leak: 2021 Apple iPhone 13 Camera Setup and Specs Including 64 MP Wide-Angle Lens And LiDAR Scanner Feature

Even though the iPhone 12 hasn't launched out yet, it seems that leaks and rumors are a little too excited. The phone is expected to come to markets this fall of 2020 but leaks have started to reveal a little bit about the phone's predecessor  even if the phone hasn't officially launched yet.

A certain source Fudge or rather @choco_bit, reveals that there might be more to what Apple has in store. The leaker shared certain information about the rumored 2021 iPhone 13's very own camera setup!

On Twitter, Fudge claims that the upcoming iPhone 13 will include the following features:

64 MP wide-angle lens w/ 1x optical zoom & digital zoom

40 MP telephoto lens w/ 3-5x optical zoom & 15-20x digi zoom

64 MP anamorphic lens (2.1:1) video capture

40 MP .25x min ultrawide-angle lens w/ optical reverse zoom

LiDAR 4.0

The leaker himself says that the rumor should still be taken with a "huge amount of salt" meaning the source is still pretty questionable at this point since it is way too early and the iPhone 12 has not yet even gotten out.

Apple iPhone

Apple is known to make plans of there upcoming devices even way ahead of its release but of course, plans change along the way and there are always a few tweaks here and there before people can really say they've nailed down what the next iPhone 13 is going to look like.

The rumored iPhone 13's very own camera is said to be very different from that of the current iPhone 11 and although Apple is pretty popular for putting on major camera improvements every single year, the company has still shielded away from the super high MP cameras within its iPhones.

The present iPhone 11 Pro also features a 12 MP wide-angle camera with a built-in 12 MP ultrawide-angle camera, along with a 12 MP telephoto camera.

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iPhone 13 Rumored specs

There have also been a few rumors going on saying that the iPhone 12 models that are coming this 2020 could actually include a 64 MP wide-angle camera that also comes with a telephoto lens and is built to support 3x optical zoom (upgrade from 2x), but this is still unconfirmed and currently remains a rumor.

Most of the rumors have circulated around the inclusion of a certain 3D camera technology on the upcoming iPhone 12, which is somehow expected to be quite similar to the certain LiDAR Scanner feature that the company itself introduced in the 2020 iPad Pro models.

During this 2020, the high-end iPhone 12 models are actually expected to continue to feature a certain triple-lens camera setup, while the certain lower-end iPhone models will also continue to offer certain dual-lens camera setups.

The rumored 2021 iPhone 13 will probably be manufactured similarly, including the very best camera technology that is reserved only for the more expensive Apple devices. Official confirmation is still on its way.

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