Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and 20+ Color Leaks: Green? Copper?

A brand new list of the possible Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series' color options has just recently surfaced and seems to be available during the awaited launch that appeared online as Samsung's own flagships draw a step closer towards its release.

According to recently surfaced information surrounding the web from GalaxyClub, the actual regular Galaxy Note 20 will come in gray, green, and even copper, while the Galaxy Note 20+ will debut in the serious and sleek black as well as the same copper.

The specific shade used by the latter might not be exactly identical to the Galaxy Note 9's very own Metallic Copper finish although something along those particular lines seems more likely the actual scenario.


The new Galaxy Note 20 series

It seems like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series is more neutral and even less vivid than what the previous Galaxy S20 family had in store for its users. This is presumably so as to actually reflect the Galaxy Note 20 series' productivity along with business-first design.

With that information out, it was actually not that long ago that the company promoted their very own Galaxy Note device along with certain Fortnite skins, so it still remains to be seen what Samsung has planned for users this year.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20+ are internationally expected to debut this coming summer in August, to be even more specific. Samsung's very next Unpacked event should actually also include the upcoming announcements of the new Galaxy Fold 2 which is their foldable device along with their own Galaxy Tab S7 range of great high-end Android tablets.

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Upcoming competition

As for the much-expected stylus-equipped flagship series, the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 along with the Galaxy Note 20+ should definitely hit the store shelves around most parts of the world coming to the end of that very same month which should be after a short pre-order period.

With the recent iPhone 12 rumored to be portless, it seems like Samsung has quite the competition as the new Apple phone seems to pack quite a punch. Even with the current iPhone 11 still being celebrated, leaks have started to surface all the way to the next phone after the iPhone 13!

The iPhone 13's leaks also started to surface giving insights to the possible camera system that the phone could be using. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and 20+ coming soon along with the iPhone 12 set to launch this year, it seems like the competition is getting steeper and steeper.

The new color for the Galaxy Note 20 series takes a more serious and professional approach to the otherwise S20 series which is all lively and fun. Will the new color scheme be enough to shift people over to Samsung?

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