RockStar Games GTA V Online Gives Out $500,000 The Weeny Issi is Now King! Here's What You Get for Participating

For the very next week, Grand Theft Auto V online brings out the vintage beast, the Weeny Issi. Rockstar Games have declared that it is Weeny Issi Week as they are trying to get as many players as they can into these diminutive cars as they possibly can.

Perks and bonuses come along when you race the Weeny Issi, and apparently, there's even apparel for players to earn along with variants to both buy and win. An article by Gamespot thoroughly narrates what Weeny Issi Week is going to be like.

Weeny Issi

This week will be the week of the Issi Classic Races that will give multiple awards to every single entrant. Players might just want to hop on and try handling one of these things. Every single player that participates this week will also be lucky enough to receive a free Weeny tee, so if you're a true fan of those in-game brands, you can definitely now signpost your own allegiance.

If you currently don't own your very own Issi, every single model of this car is actually on sale at a strong 50% off. If you're really running low on cash, try your luck and win a Weeny Issi Classic at The Lucky Wheel where you can play in the Diamond Casino and Resort this very instant.

If you really don't want to stick your hands behind the wheel in one of these vintage beauties, there are still other ways to get yourself some rewards in-game this current week. The Madrazo Dispatch mission is also currently offering double the GTA$ along with XP rewards along with the Lamar's Lowrider missions.

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Aside from just the Weeny Issi, here are the other cars you can find on sale:

Progen PR4 30% off

HVY Brickade 30% off

Truffade Nero 40% off

Imponte Deluxo 40% off

Declasse Mamba 40% off

Oh yeah, this is also your last chance to claim the much-awaited GTA$500,000 that's definitely available to anyone who actually logs in during this May, so you better make the most out of it before time runs out. If you have recently picked up the Grand Theft Auto V free from Epic Games, this should give you a significant boost.

Grand Theft Auto V

While fans are still waiting for GTA VI to come out, GTA V Online is doing a great job to keep those Rockstar Games enthusiasts busy with the franchise. The company still hasn't given solid announcements for the upcoming GTA 6 but a lot of rumors have been popping out here and there.

In the end, it seems like the upcoming game might take a while before it releases so the best thing to do as of now is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the Weeny Issi.

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