Facebook Identification Measures Just Got More Stringent for Viral Accounts: What Could Happen If You're Labelled Suspicious?

Popular accounts on Facebook will now have to get verified. A source states that popular and viral Facebook accounts will now be required to undergo verification processes. This is so that their Facebook accounts will be officially verified and made known to the public of its verification.

The reason for Facebook's decision of mandatory verification processes is that Facebook believes that this step will encourage the people behind popular and viral Facebook accounts to create more genuine content.

Moreover, viewers and followers of those popular and viral Facebook accounts will get to see more genuine content as opposed to content created by bots and people posing as other popular and viral influencers on Facebook.

Facebook usage

Since the usage of social media applications has gone up, the threat of cyberbullying, people acting as posers, and catfishing have also gone up. All around the world, many people have been deceived by other people harboring fake identities. 

In addition to this, cyberbullying has also taken the reins as a platform for people posing under fake identities to bully others online. For these people, cyberbullying is an efficient way to bring down others because of the idea that these people are hidden by their computer screens. Facebook's decision to verify popular and viral Facebook accounts was also made in response to this underlying issue.

Another reason as to why Facebook decided on mandatory verification processes for popular and viral accounts is to establish a form of ID on these accounts. According to the statistics, many Facebook accounts have shown poser-like behavior. Additionally, a majority of these Facebook accounts were deemed popular and the various posts of these Facebook accounts consistently released viral posts.

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Is there anyway to bypass Facebook's new identification measures

If the ID does not coincide with the official identity of the account under consideration, Facebook will lessen the public viewing of the account's viral posts. This will, in turn, lessen the amount of people able to view the posts of that specific account in their news feeds. Moreover, Facebook will implement this if the account in question will deny ID verification. 

The account will also be banned from using Facebook pages the account has created and is an admin for if the account is labeled as suspicious. This will occur if the account fails to identify itself using the authorization processes of Facebook in the Settings.

According to Facebook, to be able to get authorized in one's Fakebook page, one must first enable the two-factor authentication processes of his/her Facebook account. After that, one must confirm the current city shown on one's Facebook profile.

If any of these steps were to be turned off, Facebook would revoke the authorization badge of the Facebook page and the owner will have to go over the authorization processes again. Facebook has been going over the struggles of people being deceived by others and hopes that these mandatory verification processes will protect people from posers. 

Moreover, Facebook also hopes that these processes will remind people to use their real identities.

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