The Samsung Galaxy Note 20's Exynos 922 Will Have The Newest CPU and GPU Designs From ARM

A report from about a month ago by ZDNet Korea stated that Samsung would reveal the Exynos 922 chipset, and it would be used in the Galaxy Note 20. Samsung was thought to be deciding whether or not they would switch to using the Exynos chipset in the Galaxy Note 20 in South Korea.

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The company is rumored to have been improving the performance of the Exynos 990 processor. There have been reports for some months now that they've been making progress on the Exynos 992 chipset.

The chipset is alleged to have been produced using the company's 6nm process. This process was said to be slightly worse than their brilliant 5nm process.

Reports from early on stated that the Exynos 992 chipset would be more efficient at using power, and it would be faster at processing data when comparing it to the Exynos 990.

There might be an additional reason why Samsung switched to the Exynos chipset, which might be due to the delay of the launch of the Snapdragon 865+ processor from Qualcomm. Its launch was pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic that's going on.

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What's Going On With The New Components?

ARM made an announcement this week, revealing their new ARM Mali-G78 GPU and the ARM Cortex-A78 CPU as part of their event TechDay 2020. Respectively, these two are successors to the Mali-G77 GPU and the Cortex-A77 CPU.

There was an announcement that was the wildcard for them, which was the Cortex-X Custom program's announcement, or CXC for short. During the announcement, ARM revealed that the first of CXC's CPUs would be their highest-performance CPU thus far, the Cortex-X1.

The Cortex-X1 was built to reach peak performance instead of being energy-efficient. This decision would lead the CPU to compete with the chipsets by Apple, specifically their A-series chipsets.

When they made the announcement, many thought that Samsung would be the one that would adopt the new mobile CPU from ARM.

For a while, Samsung's last fully custom-made core is the Exynos 990's Exynos M5. This custom core being the last is because, at SARC, Samsung's custom CPU core project ended.

A report from the Korean division of ZDNet has stated that the Galaxy Note 20 contains the company's upcoming Exynos 992 5nm chip. It contains the ARM Mali-G78 and the ARM Cortex-A78, but not the Cortex-X1. 

This competition in smartphone components boosts the smartphone industry competitivity. It would be a beautiful thing to get constant improvements to smartphones due to competition from other manufacturers.

Quick And Easy Summary Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 20

If you haven't heard of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, all you need to know is that it's Samsung's next flagship phone that is packed with a stylus. The launch date of the phone isn't confirmed yet. Please do not fret, however. It's rumored to launch around August of this year despite the COVID-19 pandemic that's currently happening. It will most likely cost more than $900, which might be too much, but we'll see how it performs when it launches.

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