[Hack] Apple iPhone XR Drops $200 From $576 After Rebates: Here's How to Get it

With Apple's iPhone 12 recently leaked and even the iPhone 13 leaked after that, it seems like the company has a lot to reveal about the future but what about the present? Good news for Apple users, you can now get the iPhone XR with a $200 rebate making you pay only $376! The phone also comes with free next-day shipping making the iPhone XR one of the most convenient phones to get today!

The Verizon-owned Visible is now offering shoppers an outstanding deal on Apple's own iPhone XR, with a model that comes with 64GB RAM for sale at just $576. What's better is that consumers will actually receive a $200 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account right after making two different service payments.

If you want to check out the free gift, card all you have to do is check this link.

Visible is also throwing in that promised free next day shipping so that customers won't have to wait for a long time before they can get their hands on a brand new Apple iPhone XR. Consumers will also get an awesome free Speck case included in their purchase with the port, and activation.

According to Visible themselves, the phones that consumers will be getting, AKA the Apple iPhone XR phones that consumers will be getting are carrier unlocked and come with no annual contracts or any form of hidden fees.

It is still quite unclear as to how long the deal will supposedly last but it seems like Visible's iPhone promotions have already sold out back in the past which should be a good sign for this promo.

iPhone XR specs

The iPhone XR comes with pretty satisfactory specs and although it can't compete with the upcoming iPhone 12, the mere fact that this phone is sold at $376 after rebates makes it definitely worth your money.

Here are the following specs

6.1-inch all-screen LCD that comes with Multi-Touch display and IPS technology

12MP Wide camera

A12 Bionic chip

7MP TrueDepth camera

5.0 wireless Bluetooth technology

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How to avail this promo

In order to avail of this promo, you'll have to be a little smart about it since chances are, if you don't ask around, you might not be offered the promo. Basically what you do is you purchase the phone at a price of $576, then you get the rebate which converts to $200 in the Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account.

This means that although you have spent $576, you will still get back the $200 in the form of the Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account meaning the total amount that you would spend of the phone is only $376!

AppleInsider came out with this information and it is pretty useful for those who are thinking of buying the Apple iPhone XR. When buying the phone, why not enjoy the $200 off and spend it somewhere else?

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