Do You Regret Posts You Made On Facebook Long Ago? Here's How You Can Hide Them Easily Using New Tool!

Recently, Facebook has begun helping its users by saving them the embarrassing posts they made years ago. The social media network has revealed that they have a variety of new tools that are made to hide old posts from you in the past without having to delete them permanently. 

How You Can Go Through Your Old Posts

The new Manage Activity settings will help users who want to control their Facebook presence. A blog post from Facebook has stated that the tools are made to assist users in protecting their privacy.

Facebook knows that posts from years ago will most likely not represent who you are as a person as you are now, such as old posts from when you were still in school.

The tools will help you move your posts to a hidden archive, which will help hide it from other people, but you can also delete posts permanently. It helps make it easy to keep your posts away from your curious friends or employers looking to hire you.

The tool will also make it easy for you to uncover old posts that you may have looked for in the past, such as status updates, photos, and videos from years ago.

Starting today, Facebook users can filter their posts by date range and person. This filter will make it so you can smoothly go through your old posts and curate them.

Facebook believes that people should have the ability to control and manage their data on Facebook. They will be continually developing new methods to let people protect their privacy by giving them better ways to have better control and transparency.

The new tools on Facebook will be launched today, and they will be available for you to use with the Facebook app on your mobile device. If you use the Facebook Lite app, which is a lightweight version of the regular Facebook app, then the change will also be implemented.

However, there isn't any word on when these new tools will be available for the Facebook website using a regular browser if it will even be added at all.

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What's Changing With Facebook?

Facebook has been going through significant changes with its look for the past few weeks. The brand new redesign went live worldwide last month for every user, and it doesn't solely look different, it improves the experience of using the site.

The site's redesign is designed to make it less challenging to find what you're searching for faster with a more streamlined navigation process.

This redesign has made it easier to find groups, videos, and games, and the transitions between pages load quicker.

Facebook users will be able to turn on Dark Mode, which will reduce the strain on your eyes by making the site darker. It makes it less straining to use Facebook at night, which reduces the eye strain you get from the site without Dark Mode being turned on.

It is finally less of a hassle to create Groups, Pages, Events, and Facebook ads. You can also preview new groups you're making with a real-time view, so you'll be able to check how it looks on mobile before you make it.

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