Asus ROG Phone 3 Rumors Emerge: Why Would Anyone Need this Monstrous Octa-Core 12GB RAM Mobile Phone?

Why Would Anyone Need a Monstrous 12GB RAM Mobile Phone? Well, the Asus ROG phones are specifically built for one purpose that ROG is popular for, mobile gaming! Unlike the phone's first edition, the newer ROG Phone 2 actually had a lot of interesting tricks up its sleeve in order to make it the popular powerful all-around device that was very well received.

The company is currently rumored to be coming up with a brand new Asus ROG Phone 3 to come in the next few months. The phone is currently just a leak and the official announcement regarding the brand new phone has not yet surfaced.

The phone leak

The upcoming device may have actually just been spotted on the Geekbench, and it is believed that the specs found below are actually for the upcoming Asus ROG Phone 3. The upcoming Asus device seems to be holding the model number known as "Asus_1003D" and will be rocking the Android 10 software.

The monstrous gaming mammoth phone is also said to be using an octa-core chipset along with a giant 12GB of RAM. This is way too much for normal phone and since the phone is manufactured by Asus' ROG or Republic of Gamers series, it's obvious that the phone functions well with mobile gaming.

Another device with a very similar model number was also spotted on the exact same database making use of 8GB RAM. This suggests that the upcoming new smartphone will be offered in at least two different variations for customers to choose from. This is exactly the same thing that happened with the Asus ROG Phone 2.

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Asus ROG Phone 3?

The listing gave pretty interesting hints dropping the word "Kona" as the device's motherboard which in fact is actually a codename for the well-known Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. That is the kind of chipset that is used on the majority of the top-end phones this specific year.

Aside from just this, there is not much that can actually be dug up out of the leaked listing. There is only a sheer presence of the seen benchmark score that hints at the upcoming imminent launch. This may mean that Asus' formal announcement won't be too far away.

Asus and Unity

Asus has also recently announced a partnership with the well-respected Unity where it will be receiving custom plugins for the company to offer the next-level gaming experience to its current number of gamers on the ROG Phone 2. The Asus ROG Phone 3 will most likely have much better specs and offerings under its belt.

The recent partnership between both Asus and Unity means things are looking positive to the next phone's offerings but the official announcement as to the upcoming phone is still on its way. The 12GB Asus ROG Phone 3 is a beautiful concept that has gamers on the edge of their seats looking forward to the upcoming next-generation gaming device.

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