George Floyd GoFundMe Campaign Is The Most Donated So Far Surpassing COVID-19-Related Campaigns

The death of George Floyd is causing a significant impact around the world in ways we haven't seen before. The incident has inspired numerous people to donate to his GoFundMe campaign, which was initially launched over a week ago.

In all of GoFundMe, the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund has received the most individual donations out of other campaigns on its website, according to a GoFundMe spokesperson.

Over 500,000 donations and it keeps getting higher, which means the fundraising campaign has collected about $13,000,000. Over a hundred countries have donated to the campaign, which shows that George Floyd's death has impacted the whole world.

Where Will The Funds Go?

Philonise, the brother of George Floyd, has stated that the funds from the campaign will be used to pay for the funeral and burial. It will also help provide the family with counseling. The court proceedings will have the family needing to pay for travel and accommodation, so that's also a portion of the expenses that the donations will pay for.

Most importantly, it will help the Floyd family move forward and assist them in seeking justice for George Floyd.
Some of the campaign's funds will also go into George Floyd's estate, which will be used to take care of his family and provide funds to use for their education.

The first of four memorials held for George Floyd occurred in Minneapolis on Thursday. A second memorial will take place on Saturday in North Carolina. The third and fourth memorials will be held in Houston sometime next week.

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What Are The Other Most Donated To GoFundMe Campaigns?

The second most donated to the campaign on GoFundMe happened almost two years ago. On December 8, a fundraiser was launched aiming to raise money to build a wall extending throughout the southern border of the United States of America. It has over 300,000 donations, but it raised more than $25,000,000.

The third most donated to the GoFundMe campaign is a COVID-19 campaign that raised funds for beds meant for the intensive care units in Italy, where the pandemic ravaged horribly. The campaign received more than 200,000 donations in 3 months. 

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