[Rumor] Samsung Budget Galaxy A Phone Series Will Soon Get Wireless Charging: Here's Why

Samsung's high-end phones have always been capable of wireless charging, and examples of phones that have the capability are the Galaxy S and Note series. However, the low-end Galaxy A series of phones seems like it will be gaining that capability soon

So, Galaxy A Phones Are Receiving A Wireless Charging Upgrade?

Mid-end phones like the Galaxy A71 and A51 will be getting the newest charging technology. Last year, the Galaxy A90 had the wireless charging added to it. However, there aren't any official statements on whether or not budget phones will be receiving the upgrade of wireless charging capabilities so far.

The new wireless charging capabilities will allow people on a budget to experience the high-end feature on their low-end phones. Samsung is planning for early 2021, according to some rumors.

Wireless charging is a wonderful feature that lets users charge up their phones' batteries using a wireless charging pad. People can put their phones on the pad to charge their phones, then quickly pick it back up when they need to go somewhere.

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Why Give Low-End Phones Wireless Charging?

Samsung is bringing a luxury feature to the Galaxy A series, but why are they adding it now when they could've done it earlier? The reason why they're adding this to the low-end Galaxy A series because the Galaxy A series was designed to be a budget phone with innovative features. It's targeted at budget buyers who want to save money but want a high-end phone experience.

Wireless charging is a fairly recent innovation that takes away the stress of having to worry about cables when you need to charge your phone.

Samsung coming out with the Galaxy A series along with wireless charging capabilities is a welcome surprise. The company usually keeps its best features in its high-end Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series. They usually keep their expensive features to those phones because they want their customers to pay for the features if they want it.

The ongoing global pandemic might be influencing Samsung's decision to sell its budget phones urgently while making it more attractive to buy. The Galaxy A series of devices is gradually replacing many of the low-end to middle-end phones that Samsung has to offer.

Samsung wants to sell its Galaxy A series since it's their main affordable series. Due to what's happening in the world, people are finding that their financial situation isn't as good as they'd hope to have, which means interested buyers of phones will be looking for cheaper options. Samsung is putting its bets on buyers buying a phone in the A series for their phone of choice.

Wireless charging is a way to sweeten the deal by deciding to buy a phone from the Galaxy A series, which is a luxury feature that can make your phone feel like a high-end one even if it's a single feature. The Samsung Galaxy A series may be cheaper, but they're still part of the Galaxy series.

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