[Viral Video] Tesla Autopilot Successfully Avoids Pig on the Road: Elon Musk Claims They Don't Crash

Tesla's autopilot feature does not crash. Twitter user Pranay Pathole tweeted to Elon Musk a video that shows an action-camera view of a street. The video showcases a camera's view of the street as the vehicle the camera is situated on is moving through the streets.


Pothole created a meme-like caption on the tweeted video, first stating that people think that any vehicle on autopilot could never truly be a safe thing. He then mentioned Tesla and how the electric vehicle company's autopilot features in their vehicles are safe and can navigate their way through the streets.

Viral Video

The video first shows a vehicle coursing its way through the streets. As it continued to move through the streets, it was seen in the video that the vehicle was able to avoid hitting a live pig on the road at the last second. The video carries on by repeating the same video recording of the vehicle swerving away from the sole animal on the street in different camera angles.

Pothole then ended the tweet with tagging Elon Musk in the hopes that the SpaceX CEO will be able to see his tweet. Musk, luckily, did see the tweet and proceeded to give his insight on the video recorded.

The prime directive of the autopilot feature is to not crash into anything at all costs. The reason the autopilot feature was created is so that people are being assisted while driving their respective vehicles.

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Autopilot safety

The main focus of the autopilot feature is safety. This is to keep us humans safe in our travels. Additionally, the other main features of the autopilot feature of Tesla is to assist people in navigating their way through the streets and use the autosteer subfeature.

Tesla also advocates for smart vehicle technology in which a Tesla vehicle can safely navigate its way through busy streets and parking lots. Elon Musk went on and explained that what is fast for us humans is always slow to a computer. Computers are designed to process things faster than the average human being.

In addition to this, Musk stated that features such as a vision of 360 degrees low light, sonar power, and a forward radar are considered to be superhuman. These are features that computers exhibit to be able to exert the safety subfeature of the autopilot feature. He then proceeded to comment more on upgrades on the Tesla autopilot feature.

Software upgrades

Software upgrades on the Tesla autopilot feature are coming and will be showcasing their increasing potential. Pranay Pathole then replied to the co-founder of Tesla that Musk might have just revealed the codebase for Tesla's autopilot feature, finding the tweet funny in its entirety.

Pothole then went ahead and created a hypothetical code that was intended to be Tesla's autopilot feature as an amusing joke.

He then stated that, jokes aside, he believes that Tesla's autopilot feature is advanced in the best way possible and that Elon Musk's work on Tesla is "amazing stuff."

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