Destiny 2's Prophecy Dungeon:Tips on How to Survive and Get New Set of Weapons

Destiny is calling. Will you respond? The 11th Season of the multiplayer online game Destiny 2 goes live today with a brand new dungeon for players to explore and a chance to get some cool gear and rewards and collectibles in the Season of Arrivals.

Starting at 5 pm (Pacific Time), the latest dungeon named Prophecy will be open to all players. And the best part- no season pass required. Players have the chance to claim new weapons from the DAITO foundry and a reprised armor from Trials of the Nine.

Bungie's upcoming fall expansion, Beyond Light, will be released on September 22 for all platforms. Destiny 2 for the next-generation platforms like Playstation 5 and XBox Series X will be released at a later time.

Majority of Massive Multipler Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) consist of raids that allow a maximum number of players to participate. That means that more coordination and more skills are needed. The case of Destiny 2 is different.

Since their dungeons are smaller, it doesn't take as much time to complete it as you can only conquer the dungeon with 3 people. But the catch is that you need to find a group of friends you can play with as it does not offer matchmaking.

The new dungeon begins with players entering through the Drifter's ship, the Derelict. Afterwhich, they will be transported to the realm of Ix in what appears to be an Escher drawing. The laws of gravity do not work in this area as you will find out that up is down, but light is now dark with Taken everywhere. 

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Prophecy: The Dungeon

A tip for surviving this brand new dungeon will be carefully utilizing its low-gravity sections where players must use their platforming skills in addition to timing and precision to get to the next platform, otherwise, you end up falling into the darkness of the abyss and starting all over again.

Other than your ability to jump form one platfrom, your Sparrow skills will also be tested as you will mount your mechanical vehicles and test your ability as you cross long tendrils that are suspended up above the clouds. 

Players will notice that some parts of the dungeon will look like ancient temples that look like from Tomb Raider while there are others that have an 80s synthwave look with glowing neon lights in darkened colors.

Destiny 2 Reception

In the game, you are a Guardian, a beacon of hope to the Earth. A protector of Earth's last remaining city from different aliens. Destiny 2 was awarded Best PC Game for E3 2017 during the Game Critics Awards. It has also won the Best Social/Online Game and Best Multiplayer Game during the Gamescom Awards in 2017. The game was praised for having a more robust story and for its gameplay as well. 

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