Destiny 2 Latest News: Housekeeping Period To Migrate Clans To The New Game Goes Live

Bungie is hoping that the fan base of Destiny 2 will help in getting the game to number one. The latest news indicates that the game developer has been undertaking a sort of "housekeeping period" where the leaders will be able to migrate their clans to the new game. Mark Noseworthy, Project Leader, also confirmed that there would be some surprises when the beta phase of the game is launched.

Bungie was busy last week preparing for this Destiny 2 transition. Its official blog revealed that clan leaders can now drop by their base of operations on where they could decide if they would like to migrate their clans over to the new video game. The latest news indicates that if another clan member is deemed more faithful, then a clan founder can transfer his title and permission to this future clan leader.

The latest news also reveals that if a leader has bigger plans for his clan, Bungie will now allow him to leave his clan (temporarily) to explore the world outside of his community of members. The game developer revealed that this housekeeping period will last for one month. After this house cleaning, a fresh Clan creation functionality will take effect that will support Destiny 2 on

As far as the beta trials of Destiny 2 are concerned, the latest news suggests that there will be some surprises waiting for its fan base. Noseworthy revealed that fans will be able to experience exciting activities in the game's amazing sandbox. Fans are actually waiting for some exciting Crucible action this month with the dates now confirmed by Bungie.

Beta tests of Destiny 2 start on July 18 and end on July 19 for Xbox One users who have pre-ordered the video game. The open beta will begin two days later on July 21. Meanwhile, the beta trials for PC will start in late August. However, Bungie also said that this date is still subject to change.

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