[REVIEW] AI- Enabled Adobe Photoshop Camera For Android Now on Google Play Store:Here's Why it Rocks!

A source has stated that Adobe Photoshop has just released a new mobile application on Google Play Store: the Adobe Photoshop CameraAdobe's new application will be part of the wide-ranged list of mobile camera apps within Google Play Store. This camera app, however, offers many unique features distinct only to Adobe.

Adobe has incorporated artificial intelligence technology within its app with the name "Sensei."  Sensei can distinguish the main subjects of pictures. In addition to this, Sensei suggests the right and appropriate filters one can use in his/her images.

A preview version of Adobe Photoshop Camera was released before and, now, people can download the full version of this camera app from Google Play Store. The main purpose of Adobe Photoshop Camera is simplicity. The thing is, cameras are notorious for their complicated and complex features.

For a person to be skilled in photography, digital cameras or mobile phone cameras alike, that person must know various camera features such as the ISO, aperture, and white balance.

Adobe photography: Unique Camera App

Adobe wants people to take good quality pictures without going through the hassle of learning all the intricate features of a camera. Moreover, Adobe wants to create a platform that allows people to edit their pictures with ease and still supply them with many different camera features without having to think of complex editing strategies.

Adobe Photoshop Camera provides 80 filters that are customizable by its users. A few of those filters are Scenery, Studio Light, Pop Art, and Portrait. Besides those camera filters, the Adobe app projects features within the well-known Photoshop application. Sensei will be in charge of these features, doing activities like adjusting the focus and brightness of one's phone camera.

Furthermore, with the artificial intelligence technology incorporated within the Adobe camera app, Sensei selects the best effects and features to integrate into the images made by its users. 

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Portrait photography

People will not have to worry about the gruelling process of photo editing because all the pre-final options are laid out in front of them by Sensei. One of the more emphasized features of Adobe Photoshop Camera is its Portrait feature. 

The Portrait Controls include an array of different subfeatures such as Face Relighting, Face Light, Face Distance, and Bokeh. The subfeature Face Light is the right one to use in Portrait Controls if one were to create images that require good lighting. Bokeh, on the other hand, is the subfeature to utilize if a person's images were made to look blurry.

Third-party mobile camera apps such as Adobe Photoshop Camera and Snapseed are essential to people nowadays because of everyone's constant usage of social media platforms. Many people like to post pictures and videos of their daily activities on various social media applications such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

They conceptualize on how their profile feeds should look like, focusing on the physical aesthetic of their profiles. To do that, they invest in many mobile camera apps and, due to Adobe's recent global release of the Adobe Photoshop Camera, they might gain another camera app in their personal array of editing apps.

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