[Review] Upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is Finally Official: Could the $30 Beat the Fitbit Inspire HR?

Xiaomi's Mi Band 5 will be in Xiaomi stores this year 2020. Android Central announced that Xiaomi would be releasing its newest smartwatch creation: the Mi Band 5. The Mi Band 5 was derived from the Mi Smart Band 4 and is considered the evolved version of the latter.

Both smartwatches are, essentially, fitness bands in which people use to track their physical health. The bands track the daily steps of fitness enthusiasts and the workout routines of these people.

The Mi Band 5, as stated above, is the more updated version of the Mi Band 4, its design updated to the latest Xiaomi software and possessing other upgrades that the Mi Band 4 does not have.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi's Mi Band 5's OLED display screen has a thickness of 1.2 inches, 20% thicker in contrast to the Mi Band 4. It also has a wide selection of watch designs inspired by many well-known animated television shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Spongebob Squarepants, and Hatsune Miku.

Moreover, it provides 11 modes that people can use when engaging in sports and other physical activities. The sensors are one of the main assets of the Xiaomi band, focusing on efficient tracking of physical activities.

Other features that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 offers are sleep tracking systems, an integrated barometer, 5 ATM water resistance, NFC tracking support, and an overall updated tracking system. This Xiaomi band appeals to women as well because of its enhanced period tracker. In addition to this, it can also be used as a makeshift remote camera control for Xiaomi mobile phone users everywhere.

Not only does it feature many different features that correlate with sports-related activities, but it can also serve as a wireless charger for Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi's Mi Band 5 will be in physical Xiaomi stores in China on June 18. The smartwatch will be sold with two forms: without NFC and with NFC.

The Mi Band 5 without NFC will be released first and priced at $27 (189 Chinese yuan). The watch with the NFC feature will come after and will be priced at $32 (229 Chinese yuan). The Chinese mobile phone company has not released any statements about its eventual global release of the Mi Band 5.

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The Contrast between Smart Watches

Xiaomi's Mi Band 4 has a full-colored AMOLED touch display screen and wields many different colored band straps such as bright orange, millennial pink, obsidian black, burgundy, and violet blue. It also has a battery life that reaches a total of 20 days. Moreover, its water-resistant features allow swimmers to wear it while in the water.

The Mi Band 4 is not only alluring to swimmers because its effective tracking systems for walking, running, cycling, and workout routines make it appealing to health and workout enthusiasts. All these features are also present in the Mi Band 5 and, essentially, there are not many differences going on between the two smart bands.

However, what the Mi Band 5 exclusively offers is a more technologically advanced and efficient smartwatch that tracks the physical activities of people more accurately.

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