A Leaked Image Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Shows An Amazing Yet Annoying Feature

This year is when Samsung will be launching its Galaxy Tab S7. There haven't been any rumors of its design until recently. A leaked image has been circulating that has shown that this tablet will have a useful feature but with a possibly annoying feature as well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
(Photo : OnLeaks | Pigtou)

A famous leaker that goes by the name Onleaks tweeted out the leaked Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 pictures. The pictures he posted showed the upcoming Samsung tablet's front and back, and the measurements of the tablet were included with the pictures.

The leaked pictures show that the tablet looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 because of how it's a large rectangular tablet. However, the included dimensions of the Samsung tablet show that the Galaxy Tab S7 is a small fraction bigger than the Galaxy Tab S6.

The leak shows that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 shows that there is an S Pen stylus slot, which was also in the Galaxy Tab S6.


Two major changes are evident in the leak. One of them is a change that excites many people. The other makes numerous people worry.

What's The Good Change About The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7?

The good change to the new addition to the Samsung Galaxy Tab lineup that people are excited about is the front-facing camera. What's new with the front-facing camera? The front-facing camera is now placed so that it would be above the screen when the tablet is held in landscape orientation.

With preceding tablets from Samsung, the camera would be on the left-hand side of the screen when held in a horizontal orientation.

The camera's new position might seem like a minor change, but this is actually a major change since it improves the user experience significantly. The video calling experience is drastically less difficult thanks to the new camera position. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is an excellent tablet if you'll be doing a lot of video calls, that is if the leak isn't wrong.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
(Photo : OnLeaks | Pigtou)

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Well, What's The Bad Specs Change Then?

The bad change to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 that people are worried about is the back-facing camera. What's wrong isn't the camera itself. What people don't like is the bump the camera has which looks annoyingly large. It's a frustrating protrusion that's stuck on the back of the tablet.

The camera bump looks like it's larger than the Galaxy Tab S6's camera as well as many other tablets on the market. It would be annoying since the camera bump wouldn't let you lay the tablet flat on the table. The tablet would be wobble whenever you tried to use it whenever you use it while it's on a table.

You should keep in mind that this is all information that's coming from a leak. It isn't official news, so whatever the leak shows is either entirely incorrect or it's subject to change.

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