[Review] Why is Microsoft Hyperkin X91 Retro Wired Controller Cheap? Specs that Create Lasting Impressions

Why are wired controllers cheap? Is Microsoft's new Hyperkin X91 Retro wired controller worth it? The evolution of console controllers can be clearly seen with the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5's controller. The next-gen controller has been modified enough to create a lasting impression for gamers. This new type of controller could either be just a phase or become a prototype and standard for future controllers to come.

Wireless controllers are a little advanced in technology since the controls are sent from your controller all the way to your device compared to the regular wired controller that directly connects to your console. These types of controllers have pros and cons.

The pros of wired controllers

The pros of wired controllers include easier handling and no worries when it comes to wondering if the controller is actually connected to your console, PC, or whatever device you choose to use.

These pros include less maintenance when it comes to the controller part. Some wired controllers do not even need batteries since they connect directly to the power source. This makes no more need for charging and helps you save time and effort when it comes to playing. Wired controllers also help you get rid of the annoying need to connect to your device and the hassle of doing so.

Why are wired controllers cheap? This is because of the low manufacturing costs since the controller connects to the console through a wire instead of using high-tech equipment that usually costs a lot.

The cons of wired controllers

Wired controllers are old technology and let's face it, this is out of fashion. It looks weird having to play with a wire connected straight to your console and this can also be a little bit inconvenient with wire jumbled on the floor.

Wireless controllers are more flexible and are easier to handle since you can find yourself in a very comfortable position without even having to worry about the wire. You can even lie down in bed with a wireless controller connected directly to your console.

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The Microsoft Hyperkin X91 Retro wired controller

Microsoft has released a new wired controller aimed to bring back the old-school retro gaming goodness with the Hyperkin X91 Retro. The awesome controller even comes in red which makes this controller have even more personality.

This new controller is said to be compatible with the Xbox One but there's no official announcement as to whether or not this will work for the upcoming Xbox Series X. The controller is also compatible with Windows 10 games which makes PC gaming much easier.


The reviews revolving the new wired controller are mostly positive saying that although it might take some getting used to, the controller is said to be very light and easy to handle. There were also positive remarks with regards to retro feel of the console which is the main selling point of Microsoft's Hyperkin X91 retro controller.

Why are wired controllers cheap? Because they were manufactured for efficiency!

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