Tesla Opens Design Sumissions for China-Made Small EVs Even For Non-Car Designers, But There's a Catch

Sometime earlier this current year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company will be designing an electric car over in China aimed to cater to the global market.

Musk announced that he thought it would actually be super cool if they would be able to create a certain China design as well as an engineering center that could actually design the next original car in China that was tailored for worldwide consumption.

It was also stated that Musk thinks that China currently has some of the best art in comparison to the whole world and that he thinks that this should be something that should be appreciated on a worldwide basis.

A little after Musk's announcement, Tesla also officially announced this brand new design along with its engineering center located in China and released a certain drawing that showed just how they envisioned it to be.


Tesla has made this announcement official via the company's WeChat account over in China and has invited all car designers to pass their own designs for the brand new vehicle. The company is also open design submissions from people who are not actually "car designers" according to the official post.

The only thing that is strictly required is that the submissions must appear from China since that is where the company wants its vehicles to be designed. Although the vehicle will both be designed and also produced in China, the company is still holding onto its aims to supply global demand.

Electrek's personal take

According to an article by Electrek, although Tesla is moving forward, the writer does not really see anything that will concretely be coming out of this project since they are still in the process of accepting design submissions.

Based on the recent drawing that Tesla released, it currently looks like Tesla is actually looking to produce its upcoming vehicle which would probably be much smaller, like maybe even a hatchback.

The comments regarding Tesla's plan were positive as the article said that it would love to see the company produce much smaller electric vehicles like hatchbacks with a whopping 200 miles of range for the price of around $25,000 all the way to $35,000 depending on the current options. According to the article, this deal would be incredible and due to Tesla's reputation for success, it would really be a stellar project.

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Elon Musk

As musk's recent success with SpaceX has fulfilled a lot of dreams, it seems like it is now the electric car company's time to shine and move forward to accomplish another milestone.

With a lot of cities choosing to promote environment-friendly electric cars, it seems like Elon Musk's Tesla is getting ahead of the curve by finding a way to mass-produce these cars to supply demand.

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