[Leak?] A Digital Showcase From Bethesda Softworks Might Take Place Next Month: More Information On Starfield?

A user on Reddit made a post claiming that a Bethesda Softworks Digital Showcase would be happening next month. The user claimed to be an insider at Bethesda Softworks.

One of Bethesda Softworks' offices
(Photo : Bethesda Softworks)

The insider said that Pete Hines was specific with his tweet that mentioned there wouldn't be a showcase in June since they wanted to leave the rest of the year open for a showcase. When Hines tweeted that, the higher-ups at Bethesda didn't decide whether they would be making a digital showcase happen this year.

According to the insider, Bethesda planned to skip a digital showcase and opt for dropping announcements one after another. They didn't plan on mentioning Starfield, but Zenimax urged Bethesda to try and put together a showcase.

Everyone at Bethesda is scrambling to rush and put the showcase together. They are doing a lot of overtime while getting paid more for working in the office.

If they do put together a digital showcase, you can expect Bethesda to announce it by the end of June.

What Would We See In The Digital Showcase?

Here is what insider has said would be seen in the digital showcase.

We will see more info and gameplay of Deathloop. There will be more info and gameplay for Ghostwire: Tokyo and they'll mention the original vision of Ikumi.

Regarding Elder Scrolls Online, they'll be talking about the recently released Greymoor expansion. There will also be a community spotlight, which shows off different community stories and creations. They will be discussing the future of Elder Scrolls Online.

New content for Fallout 76 will be announced. There will be a community spotlight for Fallout 76 too, which will show off numerous creations and stories from the community. They will be discussing the future of Fallout 76 as well.

There will be an announcement for a huge expansion for DOOM Eternal.

Since the original announcement of Commander Keen, they have redone the game entirely and they'll be showing it off.

They will show a teaser for Starfield, and they will show gameplay footage of it in 4k resolution.

Unfortunately, the ever-popular Todd Howard won't be showing up in the digital showcase.

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What The Leak Says About Starfield

Bethesda's plan at the moment regarding Starfield is that they might add features in or take some out of the game. The leaker says the recent website glitch that happened with the Starfield website wasn't a glitch.

Starfield is done being developed but they're overhauling the content and adding more to the world-building. It's similar to why Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed.

The target release date for Starfield is sometime in 2021, which is why thrilled fans should be patient. The game won't be for everyone, but the game will surprise many people.

The game will have online social features with a companion mobile Starfield app that you can use while you're playing the main game. Todd Howard wasn't keen on these features, but Zenimax wanted it to be added.

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