[PHOTOS] A Leak Shows That Apple's Wireless Charging Mat AirPower Might Be Coming

If you have been wondering if the AirPower wireless charging mat was still being developed, then wonder no more. A leaked image proves that it is still being worked on, and now we might know more about Apple's indefinitely delayed wireless charging accessory.

You must want to know if there is anything new with the AirPower. The first thing to note that's new is that it isn't abandoned and it's still in development.

Two Leaked Images Of The Apple AirPower Have Been Brought To Light

The leaker known as Jon Prosser posted a tweet with two pictures that supposedly shows off the Apple AirPower wireless charging mat. In March, he claimed that they were continuing development of the AirPower back then.

The tweet also revealed that Apple has given the AirPower the capability to charge an Apple Watch.

In the leaked images, there are both the AirPods Pro as well as the Apple Watch pictured being charged at the same time. Another interesting tidbit is that the leaker himself has confirmed a few times to people replying to the tweet that the cable does not have a Lightning port to plug a Lightning cable into the AirPower.

Perhaps the lack of a Lightning cable means that it would be using a USB-C port. Some evidence of this being true is that Apple ditched the Lightning port with its newest iPad Pro models. Also, there have been rumors circulating that the iPhone 12 will be the last Apple device to have a Lightning port.

Even with the progress that the AirPower has achieved, this doesn't indicate whether or not the AirPower will be going to be sold on the market as of yet.

After Apple's lack of comment about the AirPower's development, they finally sent out an email to the press admitting that the AirPower didn't meet their high-quality standards. This reason is why they cancelled the project last year in March.

The reports on the AirPower that emerged stated that it frequently overheated and that even competitor products wouldn't be able to handle what Apple wanted to do. Apple's aspiration for their AirPower wireless charging mat was for it to charge three devices at the same time, which included the Apple Watch.

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Will An Announcement Happen Soon?

Many people are interested in an official wireless charging pad from Apple. It isn't a surprise that a leak comes up of how the AirPower is being resurrected and it gets lots of attention. The Apple WWDC 2020 keynote is happening very soon, so it wouldn't be a surprise if the AirPower is brought up during or after the annual conference.

This year's Apple WWDC will be a jam-packed online event that's streamed right from Apple Park. It will be held from June 22 to 26, so ensure you check it out.

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