College Student Makes Walking Stick with Audio Aid for the Visually Impaired for School Project

By Urian , Jun 20, 2020 06:45 AM EDT

BS Electronics Engineering student by the name King George Danipog has created a walking stick with an audio aid system for his thesis research study. Danipog has recently posted his new achievement on his Facebook page, stating the details of his newest invention.

The post contained his gratitude for his thesis research panelists for approving his thesis on the final defense panel of his project. He also congratulated his fellow classmates for successfully achieving the approval of their own theses as well.

Danipog's thesis project was titled "Smart Visually Impaired Aide System: Recognition Systems and Direction Guide with Voice Assist."

Walking stick voice guide

The to-be graduating student also included the keywords he incorporated into his thesis in the Facebook post. These keywords include visually impaired, direction guide, GPS, face recognition system, and Raspberry Pi.

Attached to the post were 56 images of Danipog demonstrating how to use his creation and the journey he went through to complete his invention. The college student showed his finished work on the invention through the pictures. 

The equipment that makes up the walking stick with an audio aid system consists of a pair of sunglasses, a tablet-like device, an earphone set, and a walking stick. The four items are connected by a wiring system. The glasses have a motherboard-like chip and wires along its right side.

A tablet-like device is adjoined to the sunglasses with a wire jack system that is also connected to the earphones in which the wearer puts on their ears. The three items that were just explained all connect to the walking stick the visually impaired wearer will be using to navigate his/her way through the streets.

In addition to all of this, many buttons were embedded into the four items. To hold up the tablet while walking, Danipog wears a body bag that is big enough to hold the tablet-like device in place while he walks around the backyard of his home.

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BS Electronics engineering student

The BS Electronics engineering student also showed pictures of him formulating the correct codes and programming language that is appropriate for the walking stick to work together with its attached audio aid system.

He also showed images of him visiting schools for the visually impaired to assess what he needed to do to create the perfect walking stick for them. The photos showed that he was interacting with the students in those schools in order for him to gather data for his thesis research study.

Danipog also demonstrated how to use the new invention, using a bottle of spray paint as a guide for him to use on the walking stick. The comment section of the Facebook post mostly consisted of people giving a positive outlook on the student's thesis project design.

A lot of Danipog's classmates expressed their congratulatory messages to him for completing his thesis project. Some people also tagged famous news magazine TV shows such as Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho to feature Danipog in the show for his impressive work.

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