Samsung Blu-ray DVD Player Not Working: Causes and Troubleshoot

Is your Samsung DVD player not working? Don't worry, you're not alone. There have been already been multiple reports from users saying that there have been technical issues.

According to Tech Radar, Samsung DVD player owners are complaining that the devices are stuck in an endless reboot loop that is affecting various models and no solution has yet been found.

Even restarting the Blu-ray DVD players nor doing a hard reset has not resolved the problem.

"It will turn on to the black screen with the Samsung logo and after 3-4 seconds it will restart and go back to the black screen with the Samsung logo," according to a user as noted by Digital Trends. "This issue has completely grounded my home theatre system."

In the best case scenario, users can only hope that a new update may soon be released to solve the problem. Another temporary solution would be to send them back to the manufacturer for in-house repairs.

Gizmodo reports that other home theater systems have stopped responding to button commands, begun shutting down seconds after booting up, or started making weird buzzing noises as if trying to read a disk, even in cases where there wasn't one inserted.

While no one knows for sure what's causing these issues, the most likely culprit is an expired security certificate that means the players can't properly connect to the web which wouldn't be the frist time for Samsung. Another possibility also lies from a botched firmware update.

Petru Ratiu, a Twitter handler from Romania confirmed the possibility of the issue being an expired SSL certificate. Check out his tweet below. 

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Check out the video posted below showing the technical difficulties the uploader is currently experiencing.

Is there anyway to troubleshoot?

Samsung did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment, but a customer service representative responded to complaints posted on its community forum and said the company is investigating the issue.

"We are aware of customers who have reported an issue with boot loops on some Blu-Ray players and we are looking into this further. We will post an update here on this thread when we have more information," wrote a Samsung community manager.

Jeremy Kaplan, who is the editor-in-chief of Digital Trends is also one of the victims of the DVD Player Malfunction phenomenon. Check out his tweet below.

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