[Video] Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Thank Elon Musk for the Software Update that Consumers Wanted: Check Out the New Backup Camera

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley is a group on Twitter that recently thanked the Tesla CEO Elon Musk for listening to their collective customers and for improving its car's backup camera which was said to come free via air. The software update was one of Musk's latest addition to the electric car company but it has not been the biggest accomplishment that he has achieved with the company.

Back in the day, electric cars were only a niche market and there were only a very small number of people actually interested and an even smaller number of people that actually bought this vehicle.


The success of Tesla

The company's success is not just how many electric vehicles they have sold in comparison to their competitors but how they have competed with cars in general. Taking away the fact that their cars are electric, Tesla's market share has massively increased over the years to the point that they can fight straight head-on with their competitors.

The Tesla Model 3 is nowadays the top-selling car in California in general. Not just against electric cars, but against the totality of cars in general. Tesla Model 3 has also been a favorite in other places but only in California was it able to beat the top reigning Honda Civic.

The car has fought head-on with its competition and was the first electric car to ever top against the regular type of cars. This is a huge achievement not just for the company but for the electric car industry in general.

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The future of electric cars

The future looks bright for the company as the UK even plans to ban the selling of petrol or diesel cars by the year 2035. This is one of the biggest opportunities yet as the UK is planning to reduce its carbon emission to virtually zero by the year 2050.

The government plans in the year 2035 are to transition vehicles from petrol and diesel towards electric cars by banning the selling of these petrol and diesel cars. This is not the only move that the UK is taking towards that direction as they are also planning to provide incentives for those who willingly make the switch from a petrol or diesel car to an electric car.

Although Tesla is the commercially biggest electric car producer, other companies like Nissan, Honda, Ford, and etc. are also looking towards the production of electric cars not just as a niche but also as a main selection in addition to their petrol and diesel cars.

The company is looking towards a brighter future with electric cars being the main choice of transportation in urban cities not only to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on the environment but also to work towards a more sustainable and more efficient future. Tesla looks towards a bright future.

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