Father of 30 Children Becomes an Instant Millionaire After Digging Gemstones Worth Almost $3 Million

In reference to the British newspaper publisher Main Online, a man has just achieved the status of an "instant millionaire" after mining through a Tanzanian mining site and coming upon gemstones worth millions. The gemstones were classified as Tanzanite stones. These stones are considered to be one of the rarest within the eastern part of Africa.

They can only be discovered in the northern areas of Tanzania. The size of the two gems that were discovered is about the average human being's forearm size. Both jewels exhibited an abyssal, dark violet color. One of the gemstones has a weight of 20 pounds. The other jewel exhibited a total weight of 11 pounds.

These two stones are, as of this moment, the biggest and heaviest gemstones in Tanzania. The last recorded Tanzanian gem that held a record for being the largest had a weight of seven pounds. Saniniu Laizer, who is a resident in Tanzania and a father of 30 children, was doing his job of mining through one of the mining areas of Tanzania when he chanced upon an enormous load of gems.

The Gemstones Value

The gemstones were deemed a total of £2.4 million. When converted to Tanzanian currency, the jewels are worth 7.74 billion. The Tanzanian government has awarded Laizer a money cheque in Tanzanian shillings that was worth 7.74 billion. This occurred during an event for trading that was held in Manyara, Tanzania.

John Magufuli, the current president of Tanzania, stated that this recent discovery of the 20-pound and 11-pound Tanzanian gemstones affirms everyone that Tanzania is, indeed, a wealthy nation.

This, however, tells people that these gemstones can be easily found in the northern part of Tanzania. A fortified wall, fortunately, has secured the safety of these gems by Magufuli. The wall was built in early 2018 and also acts as a security measure in response to any kind of illegal smuggling and mining of these jewels.

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Tanzanian Gemstones

Ever since the resurfacing of Tanzanian gemstones on Earth, trading conventions and events have been established in the African nation. This is to give miners the opportunities to trade their jeweled findings.

Laizer stated in a BBC interview that he will be hosting a huge party the day after he received the cheque and that he will be slaying a cow as a symbol of celebration for obtaining this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The miner also stated that he would utilize the fortune he has acquired to create a school and a mall in the area in which he lives in. This is because of the many failed attempts of parents sending their children to school.

Many parents are not able to send their kids to school because of poverty and the rarity of opportunities to educate their kids in educational content. Laizer, however, abided by his unwavering ideals and will continue to mine for Tanzania and look after his farm that is filled with thousands of cows.

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