Warning: Huawei Set to Create a $1.2 Billion Research Facility that Could Be a 'Chinese Trojan Horse'

A new $1.2 billion Huawei research facility has just been given the green light yesterday and this could be a Trojan horse, according to Tory MP's warning. The very controversial Chinese telecom giant has already been granted planning permission for a certain hub located near Cambridge that gives the promise of providing 400 jobs to locals.

The US State Department, however, urged that the US should "carefully assess" the certain impact of allowing an "untrusted" company to access certain sensitive information. In a stronger rebuke, another official said that the US was "deeply concerned" about certain "serious risk" in China's activities, such as its own research, posed to both the UK and American national security.

Tory MP's warning

Tory MP Bob Seely also added that the UK already needed to be wary of this "Trojan horse", with Huawei already set to help build Britain's own 5G mobile network. He also noted that it is quite a bit of power play by China's Huawei and that if they really want to invest then great but this does not mean that they should be given access to 5G.

A certain State Department spokesperson also stated last night that they have already seen reports that the UK is currently planning to allow Huawei to build their research and development factory somewhere in England.

They stated that they urge all countries, particularly their partners and allies like the UK, to be really careful and assess the long-term impact of actually allowing certain untrusted companies just like Huawei to gain certain access to the sensitive information.

The spokesman also said that China acquired technology as well as intellectual property through certain licit and illicit means, through their collaboration and through deception, and also by investment, joint, research, and the outright left.

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Huawei being "untrusted"

In a separate development, Huawei was also named on a list of certain companies that the Trump administration claimed were owned or even controlled by the Chines military itself. Just before yesterday's planning decisions were made public, the senior US official Keith Krach accused China of actually using similar schemes in order to expand its influence.

It was also stated that they donate money, hire certain graduates, and burnish their own PR credentials. Then comes the latter bullying, coercion, and also the expansion of the surveillance state. The planning permission also comes as the known National Cyber Security Center then carries out a certain fresh review of whether these security concerns revolving around Huawei can actually be mitigated.

Boris Johnson is now reconsidering whether or not the country should allow the firm to help build Britain's own 5G network in light of the whole review and also after huge pressure from Tory MPs. He is also expected to announce the following month that the UK will also aim to strip Huawei from their network within the next few years.

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