Watch Zeus the Robot Dog Inspects SpaceX Rocket: Did He Sniff Any Trouble?

Animatronic dogs take the lead in SpaceX launching site. American robotics company Boston Dynamics is currently in collaboration with SpaceX for testings done by the latter. The former has provided the aerospace company with an animatronic dog. This robot dog was seen surveying and inspecting one of SpaceX's testing grounds.

According to Mail Online, a video was posted on Youtube regarding this matter. The title of the Youtube video is "SpaceX's Zeus Sniffing SN7 After Test to Failure." The location in which the video was taken in is in Texas, USA in the community of Boca Chica.

In the video, it can be noticed that SpaceX was doing a test run on its SN7 prototype. A trial involving cryogenic pressure was held in the SpaceX testing grounds. White smoke that is known to be liquid nitrogen was surrounding the whole area of the SpaceX prototype.


The SpaceX Starship SN7

The SpaceX Starship SN7 was created to bring astronauts to the Earth's Moon and Earth's red friend Mars. Test runs like this are there to make sure that the SN7 will work out fine in the end. SpaceX will be coordinating with Boston Dynamics for the meantime until the SN7 is deemed ready to be launched into space.

The mechanical dog that Boston Dynamics provided SpaceX with is called "Spot." Spot has been observing the test runs of SpaceX, walking around the vicinity to check if anything has gone wrong with the test run.

The Youtube video indicated the whereabouts of the animatronic dog during the whole cryogenic pressure test. Spot was patrolling the testing grounds of SpaceX's SN7, observing where the SpaceX spacecraft failed at operating.

During the test runs done with Boston Dynamics, Spot did a great job in inspecting the SpaceX space vehicles that Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, has built the dog its own house to live in while in the headquarters of the aerospace company.

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Elon Musk's Zeus

Musk has also taken a liking to the robot dog that he renamed it "Zeus," despite its original name being Spot within the staff of Boston Dynamics. The mechanical dog that is now named "Zeus" was developed continuously by Boston Dynamics for many years now.

This partnership with the American aerospace firm shows the readiness of robot dogs helping and assisting space research activities for NASA, ISS, and other space-related companies. The robotics company has created this animatronic dog for many purposes and has instilled many smart features into it.

Sensors and cameras were incorporated into Zeus to help it detect its environment. In addition to all of that, the mechanical dog can also walk up the staircase and open the door for people. 

Because of the highly advanced technology that was embedded in the internal systems and software of the robot dog, it is able to do many tasks that mere humans will have a difficult time completing. An animatronic dog from Boston Dynamics would cost $75,000 each.

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